Meet Shannon

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photo by my lovin' hubby

photo by my lovin’ hubby

Well, because you clicked…

1|I am a writer.
I started writing stories when I was twelve, penciled out in bubbly, messy script and tucked away in an old box under my bed. And finally (self)-published my first book a few years ago. I’m currently working on two other books.

2| I have 7 kids at home. (Two in Heaven)

3| I have a degree in Religious Ed./Journalism and an almost-masters in Counseling, but the best things I gained from all my years in school were life-long friendships, unforgettable experiences, and some much-needed growing up!

4| I never finished my masters degree because I ran out of money, and God sent me to China, and then on to marry a tall, rugged backpacker.

5| I’ve been tethered to Texas since coming back to the States thirteen years ago, but my heart is still stretched from here to China and so many places around the globe.

6| I married my best friend, and we have traveled the world together.

7| I have a heart for people and a passion for the Gospel.  And I love to use stories to bring those two together.



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