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We had a semi-busy day planned.  For me and 6 kids – traveling to Vidor (45 minute drive) for a double birthday party.

For Jeff, continuing to work on our farmhouse table he is constructing out of Beech wood.  He took off work Friday and this morning so that he could finally begin to tackle this project.  (And thanks to our friend Chris, that just might happen before next weekend.)

I was at the {current, seating for 4} table, setting out breakfast bowls, and Jeff was just about to leave for Lowes to pick up some hardware.

Carson came bouncing into the kitchen.

“Daddy, you read Go Dog wid me?”  ( Go, Dog, Go- Dr. Suess)

Jeff: pausing “Sure, son.”  He puts down his keys.

Carson: {Kirk Cameron style} “YESSSS!!!!” Runs to the chaise lounge with his book.

He didn’t just rush through it.  He paused at all the right places, and used all the right voices, and asked Carson questions throughout the story.

I knew that no matter what else happened in the next 12 hours, that would be my favorite moment of the day.

And it was.

It’s pretty rough out there. Fortunately, Danger is my middle name.

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I think we’re doing a pretty good job of keeping everyone out there updated on the newest Hazletons and our journey to bring them home.

However, there are three more kiddos in the crew, and we brought one of them along on this adventure. Many of you already know this, and may be wondering how Carson is doing. Well, he’s been fantastic, especially considering that his first airplane ride was a 9-hour one (followed quickly by another 2-hour one), he’s sat (in a stroller) in numerous lines, waited in many offices, ridden in lots of cabs, lived in 3 homes in 6 days, all while recovering form jet lag and a constantly changing sleep schedule while barely getting to play at all until he met his new brother and sister. Oh, did I mention he’s bringing a new tooth in?

jet lag? what jet lag?

So yeah, he’s been a champ. His usual bubbly, happy, funny, charming, Carson self. Everyone loves him. People are always smiling at him, talking to him, playing with him, and even trying to hold him when we let them. Being a momma’s boy, he doesn’t usually go for that, but he has surprised us a time or two.

what’s not to love?

He’s adjusted quite well to um, more relaxed child safety standards as far as travel. He has not seen a car seat since Houston, and he’s loving the freedom. He’s also getting pretty good at sitting in a big boy chair for meals.

big boy at the dinner table

The only real hiccup came today during our second play time with Anton and Lena. I was carrying Lena around, and we went to the merry go round where Carson was playing with some dominos. He was doing quite well on his own, so we turned to walk away. I took one step and heard the sound of him losing his balance and falling off his little perch. Fortunately, his head broke his fall. oops.

Even then, he only cried a bit. Lena checked on him, and Anton went to get him a wipe to clean off the new goose egg on his dome. In no time at all he was ready to go, though he did not put up any fight at all when we said our goodbyes and loaded him up in the stroller. I think he fell asleep before we left the orphanage courtyard.

knot head

Yeah, Carson’s doing great. He is, as always, a blessing to his momma and daddy and everyone else who gets to be around him. Please keep his new tooth in your prayers, as well as that knot on his head.