Havin’ a Great Day

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I hope everyone’s having a wonderful Saturday!

We’re over here having a pretty standard weekend for the Hazies –laid back.


Sisters forever. Forever reading.

It’s a rainy day, so there’s a lot of the above photo going on.  This is the only photo I snapped on the sly.

I gave all the big girls a haircut.  Lena really wanted bangs. I had to overcome my decades-old trepidation over having bad-bang-haircuts and just give her what she wanted.  She was very particular about what she wanted but I cut them long and sloping to the side at first.  Nope. She wanted them short and straight across.  I cut them again, short enough to style straight across her forehead, but still long enough to sweep them to the side.  She never wavered.  Shorter, still.  This pre-teen thing is not for the faint of heart, I tell you.

So I just went for it and lo and behold, what she wanted looked just right on her.


I should have known, just looking back at…..


I don’t know if she’d go for the GIANT bow now, though.  Wow, I can’t believe how much she has changed…

Jeff picked up a deal on a weed eater this morning…. brought it home, pulled all the pieces out of the box and had it together in no time. Last year we’d had some friends who have a lawn service taking care of our lawn, since our mower had died a few years before that.  But one day I started praying that the Lord would provide us a lawn mower to do it ourselves because we were in a stretch where money was kind of tight.

Wouldn’t you know just a few days later another friend drove up in front of our house and pulled out a nice walk-behind, self-propelled lawn mower?  He had gotten a new one, and decided to give his old one to us.  Just the kind I had hoped for, which would make it easier for me to cut the grass when Jeff was too busy, and also be something the older kids could learn on.  God knows, doesn’t he?  So now we have a weed eater to go along with our lawn mower, so we can get about our business of #adulting, because apparently this is a thing?

Yesterday our whole family wore matching t-shirts. I kinda loved it.


We were given the cutest shirts by our local Chic-fil-A this week.  We had recently attended Cow Appreciation Day – you know, where the whole nation dresses like a cow to varying degrees (I didn’t know about it until the night before, so we had to go with the everyone-cut-out-construction-paper-and-tape-it-to-your-clothes route right after breakfast)…   Well, my whole little crew got their picture taken, and apparently when pics from the day were uploaded on the local CFA Facebook page, people voted for their favorite by “liking” the photos.  I didn’t even know this was going on, so it was to my udder surprise (sorry, I had to) when a friend messaged me and told me my kids’ photo was voted Best Herd.

"Best Herd"

“Best Herd”


She likes her chicken.

She likes her chicken.

You can’t make this stuff up.  So much fun.  So they made these ridiculously cute shirts – and even threw in some for Jeff and me!



Goofing off while he's snapping photos. Imitating a cow, maybe?

Goofing off while he’s snapping photos. Imitating a cow, maybe?

"Over the Moooon for Chicken"

“Over the Moooon for Chicken”


I can’t say enough wonderful things about the folks at our local CFA.  We know the owners personally – they’re the kind of people who just stop by your house when they’re driving around that part of town – seriously, they’ve done this a handful of times.  They even came by one evening a few years ago and helped us with our bathroom renovation!  (That reminds me, Becky, we still have Mike’s hammer!) And they make every person feel like they are on the elite list.

Back when we were preparing to adopt Christopher and Lena, we held a fundraiser at CFA and they were super supportive and so excited once we got the kids home.  And we were just one family they walked with through the adoption process.

CFA Flier

Recounting all those memories this week just made me so grateful for community.

God sets the solitary in families. (Psalm 68:6)  And he sets family in community.  We’re meant to live this life together.

When re-focus on this kind of perspective, it’s hard not to have a great day.



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