Happy Birthday Baby Girl

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It’s Monday night.  I can’t believe tomorrow is Tuesday, and marks one week ago that the brunt of the storm came upon us.  One day I will sit down and write out the whole birth story.  Maybe I’ll share it.  Maybe I’ll just keep it to ponder in my own heart.  Even now it seems like it was just a dream.  Being wheeled from my OB appointment straight over to the hospital.  That long, long walk. The sweet nurse pushing me in silence through corridor after corridor as the temperature steadily got colder in each each new section we entered.


Rebecca Faith Hosanna was born on Tuesday evening, September 23, 2014, and never made a sound, but stayed with us about an hour.  I was so sorry I couldn’t keep her safe in my womb any longer, as toxemia had set in and time was critical.



The past week has been a blur of activity in trying to get my health stable, planning our daughter’s funeral, and riding each wave of emotion, but God has been a steady rock and shelter in this storm and His peace has perfectly covered us, never once wavering.



This wasn’t what we wanted, of course. Even so, God is good and loving and kind.  And we praise Him.

**Thankyou to Simone Trahan, who took these photos to document our time with Rebecca, and to Becky Book who also took some beautiful photos of our girl – something we will always treasure.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Baby Girl

  1. Aleta Woods

    This path is not an easy one. Questions keep coming, but the answer to every one of them is, God is in control. As I look at the sweet pictures, I remember by time on this path and I pray for you and your family. I am so glad you have pictures because they will one day be sweet memories without the pain. Love and Hugs. Aleta

  2. Whitney

    Rebecca’s perfect little feet are just precious. My heart hurts for you, sweet friend. Thank you for sharing those tender moments. Tuesday’s will never be the same. Hugs!

    1. Shannon Post author

      Thank you! I didn’t respond to all these comments when the post was first written… I just kind of pondered all the remarks in my heart. But I am so thankful for everyone who reached out and prayed with us and encouraged us. Truly beautiful. -Shannon

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