Winding Down a Long Hot Summer- Part 1

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Lilly’s Birthday Party

Time for a catch up… and since a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought I’d go heavy on the pics here and make this post worth a gazillion words…

In mid September, we celebrated Lilly’s 5th Birthday, and just about a week later, celebrated my 30-something’th birthday.

I love this kid. Seriously.

On my birthday, some dear friends met up with us at Cracker Barrel… we enjoyed the front porch while waiting for our tables.  Between our two families, there are 12 children (with one more on the way for their family), so preparing for our crew is no small task.

Rockin’ Lena

Cracker Barrel is so much fun.  And seriously, who can resist a biscuit – or ten?


Playin’ Checkers is Serious Work


Just the Two of Us… in a sea of children…

This little bit is growing so quick.  She is positively plump.

Enjoying it all from the stroller

She looks just like THIS one’s baby pics…

Beautiful Girl

What an awesome family, who’s celebrated countless birthdays with the Hazletons…

Our Birthday Buddies – Such Kindred Spirits

A few weeks after my birthday, we helped welcome home our friend Cody, who had been deployed all year.  We were so glad to see him come home to his family!

Could She Be More American?

I’ll be back tomorrow with more picture-overload!  It’s been a long, hot summer… but a good one!

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