Winding Down a Long Hot Summer – Part 2

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I’m practicing my “who me?” look

Ah yes, we’re catching up with pictures.  Since Olivia was born in April, we’ve been busy with birthdays in June and September… and celebrating being home from Ukraine One Year… we’ve just enjoyed the lazy days whenever we can get one.


Growing up before my eyes…

There have been lots of smiles and giggling galore.

Sister Love

When God provided a way for us to purchase a Toyota Sequoia – a vehicle large enough to fit our family of 8 comfortably with no parents riding on the floor (not that we would do something illegal like that, right?) – we celebrated!  We took a walk from our front door to the seafood restaurant hardly a block from our house.  It was so fun to walk there (the kids thought that was wild – they weren’t around when we lived in China and walked everywhere), and fried seafood is something we enjoy just a few times a year.

No seafood for me yet!

We had a great time divvying up the food.  Actually, I had a great time eating the food.  And Christopher in particular loves fried fish!  He had it for the first time at my uncle’s house last Thanksgiving and he ate his weight in fried catfish… they’re already planning another fish fry for him this year.

I came to America to eat fried fish. I came, I saw, I conquered.

It’s not unusual for us to get some stares and comments while we’re out.  Most of the time it’s positive, and this time we were particularly blessed when a sweet woman came to our table and said they had been watching us and what a nice-looking family we have – how it was wonderful to see large families.  I don’t really think of us as a large family, but I appreciated her kind words.  We later found out that she and her husband had paid half our bill.  I was moved to tears.  And that night we prayed that God would thank them for us.  It’s a gesture I won’t forget.

Maybe it was this guy’s charm that brought on their good will.

Carson can nearly always be counted on to pull out the charm.

There’s another little one in our house who promises to be a charmer….

Sucking her fingers just like Lilly did.

… when she’s not Sleeping Beauty.  This was yesterday before getting ready for church.  Good thing we had an extra hour with setting back the clocks…

I didn’t even attempt to get us all standing still and facing forward.

I didn’t realize until yesterday afternoon that it was Orphan Sunday.  We had a baby dedication at church for Olivia, and also dedicated Christopher and Lena.  I nearly cried when our pastor gave them both a nice ESV Bible with their names imprinted.

What a way to wind down the summer… and if you think it’s odd that I’m talking about the end of summer when it’s November, just remember in the armpit of Texas, November means you can turn off the A/C on some days… and you can keep your flip flops out at least another month!

Be Blessed, ya’ll
(I don’t actually say that)



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  1. Susan

    Oh My Goodness! The side view picture of Olivia….where you are holding her… An absolute photo copy of Trey! Sooo cute!


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