What Do You {Want to} Know?

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Seven years of blogging.  I think it’s time for a little Q&A.

But first, let me tell you why I’m happy as a lark

Sunday is Jeff’s birthday, and Lena’s is coming up too, so we’re having a Double-Whammy Birthday Cook-out Saturday… I thought about renting a bounce house (‘space walk’, for those of you who grew up with me and real roller skate, not those inline things), and researched a few options in this area.  And then I realized if we were willing to spend $__ on a bounce house for one afternoon, we could spend nearly the same amount and get a trampoline that my kids would love for years.

And if I’m really honest, I really wanted a trampoline as well.  How else is a mother of six supposed to get a workout?

After all, it would give my kids a little something more to play with than the ONE swing (the other one is currently broken, and a bucket of rocks.

Ridin’ His Wagon to Town

So tonight after dinner, we took all the kids to Academy, and just started walking around.  They had no clue we why we were there.  They really enjoy that store anyway, because there are so many fun and exciting things- the guns, the toys, the bikes, the battery-operated cars…

But when we ended up standing in front of the boxed trampolines and they realized what we were doing, they could not contain their excitement.  I’m pretty happy about it, too.

Gather ‘Round

Surprising your kids is so fun, isn’t it?  Especially when they’re asking sweetly, “please, can we get a trampoline?  I really, really want a trampoline. Please with a cherry on top?” – when you’re planning all along to buy them one.  It’s why you’re there.

Hm.  There’s a spiritual lesson in that, I think.  But I’ll let it stew.  Time for Q&A.

However, we have to have some Q before there are any A.

Here’s where you come in.  You have to click the ‘reply’ link above this post, and leave me a comment.

So what questions do you have for a broken, messy mama of six kids?  A mama who used to be pretty crafty and DIY... a mama who’s been the only white face in a sea of beautiful Asian ones (and kind of forgot I was a minority)… a mama who crossed the ocean twice to bring home a brown-eyed boy and a hazel-eyed girl (who turns seven next week)…

What do you want to know?  Talk to me!

Meanwhile I’ll be assembling my new exercise equipment!


3 thoughts on “What Do You {Want to} Know?

  1. neysa Summers

    Yes! There is SO much I want to know :) First, how do you get all of your laundry done? And Do you ever have moments when one is crying, two are fighting, one is in the fridge or toilet, one is hungry- what do you do to keep your calm? Also, Do you and your husband have a good routine for getting time alone/together? Do you think you will adopt or dream to have more children? Do you have anything unique you do to give each child special time with mom/dad? How do you manage nighttime routine and How many of your children end up in your bed each night, if they don’t–how did you get that to happen? :) Do the children help with chores and is there a specified time everyone completes them? (morning, night?) Do you ever feel worn thin and how do you rejuvenate yourself? When do you get your “quiet time” with the Lord? Do you have a time when the children have bible study/or you all read together, like a family “quiet time”? Thanks for sharing Shannon! Your family is so inspiring!

  2. Jarrot Garza

    What has been the most trying thing about adopting two kids from another country?

    What has been the most difficult thing about staying in Texas instead of traveling overseas?

    What food or drink do you miss most from that Asian land?


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