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I’ve been rather patient waiting for today.  Since the beginning I had a calm; a peace.

Nothing to hurry about.

Besides, I felt I secretly knew already, like the Father had whispered it to me early…

Patient for many months.  Quietly pondering in my heart.

But today.  Today I was eager.

Three of my little crew were witness, giggling and waiting.  The clear jelly made a funny noise when it was squirted on my bare mid-drift.  Little eyes watched the show on the screen.  So did I.

In only a moment, it was confirmed – that which I knew already in my heart.

I have another daughter.

One of my daughters squealed with joy.

Although I would have been ecstatic to be having another son, I am warmed at the Father’s lovingkindness in giving me another girl.  And the irony, it gets me.  I always thought I’d be mother to four boys.

Today was no surprise.  The Father had given us her name more than 2 years ago.

Olivia.  Derived from Olive Tree ~ a symbol of Peace.

“… you children shall be like olive shoots around your table…”

One of her middle names means ‘light’ – just like her big sister.

Now, more than ever, I feel like this is Our Blessed Life.  His lovingkindness has overflowed to us.

We watched her wiggle and wave.  Kicking, yawning.  Her nose looks like that Hazleton nose I prayed all my kids would have.

Although the Father was sweet enough to give me this monkey with my nose.

And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Ah yes, the boys are outnumbered.

And life is good.


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So much to share these days, and I promise to catch you guys up soon (with LOTS of overdue pictures, AND my post about the Word for the 2012)… but this morning, I just wanted to share this picture with you.  Take a look at all these faces.  The Lord is good to bring them all home to their families this past year.

Can you find Lena and Christopher’s little faces?  Their buddies are on there too.

God is good.