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A Little Inspiration

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If you haven’t heard from us in a while, it’s because… well, we’re busy.

You know, parenting.  Holidays.  Family life.  Advent.  Learning how to help our two little Ukrainians thrive in their new family.  Introducing them to The Nativity movie and the joys of homemade popcorn and hot cocoa.

It’s been wonderful… and ~ to be honest~ overwhelming too, at least once a day.  I was no stellar homeschooling homemaker before bringing home two more blessings into our family, so I certainly have been having my struggles keeping up with chores, laundry, cleaning, meals, and the constant correcting and coaching that comes with being a stay-at-home Mama.

Yes, I grew up with my own mama at home, being a homemaker.  But I did not learn homemaking skills by proxy.  (Unfortunately.)

And running a household and lovingly training up children were not skills they taught me in my undergrad. Can you believe that?

And come to think of it, I didn’t gain a stitch of knowledge on these subjects in my College/Career or Single Sunday School classes at church either.


So if any of you reading this (all 9 of you out there) has thought at one time or another that I have it all together, let me put that thought to rest.  I never, ever have it all together.

There have been so many times in recent months that I’ve prayed for help or inspiration from the Lord – sometimes just confessing that I don’t even know where to start.

Every time, He answers.  One time I prayed and the next evening some friends of ours told us they were sending over their cleaning lady to help me clean the house!

Another time I prayed and a day or so later a friend from church sent me a text, saying she had made a few meals for us.

Yet another time I cried out to God and a Mom at church told me her older children wanted to come help me around the house for a day.

Other times, I’ve prayed and the Lord has brought me inspiration through other mothers.

One sweet source of inspiration I stumbled upon was a video put out by Family Vision Films called homemaking 101.  Well, if ever there was anyone needing to take a Homemaking 101 course, it was me!

I popped the family-made film into the dvd player and all of my children enjoyed watching it with me as we sat in the living room and folded clothes.  It was such a peace-giving tool, and one I’ve enjoyed watching over many times.  (Maggie particularly love to watch it as well.)

So today as I’m confessing that we’re just plain busy and often overwhelmed with our wonderfully blessed life, I also want to leave you with this little jewel.

If you somehow missed out on your homemaking 101 course, too, check it out!

Now, time to dive into some laundry…