Thankful: 6th Birthday – First Party

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This picture above was the defining moment of the day.  Clutching the camera, trying to get an adequate shot of the priceless expression on her face.  Clutching my insides as I tried to hold it together.  Voice cracking as we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her – for the first time in her life.  I’ve never seen such a look of pure joy on her face.  Cupcakes made just for her… candle burning just for her…
I’m so thankful, Father, that I get to be the one to do this with her…. 

 The smile never left her face all day.  She was quiet, taking it all in… 

Simple games in a breezy back-yard.  How could ‘duck-duck-goose’ and ‘red rover’ be filled with such glee and jubilee?
Celebration.  Merriment.  Triumph.

Gifts picked out just for her, not part of a shared collection of rummaged-through goods.  Dresses she’ll be the first to wear… a baby doll she can call hers…

A simple gathering of loved ones who love one.  
One I didn’t know I was going to love.  One ‘added’ in at the ‘last minute’… before dossier left faltering hands.
One who was at first my wildcat… now aptly-named, a source of joy.  
My Word for the Yearjoy.  
I didn’t know it would come like this, at such a high price, and such unexpected, overflowing measure.
Today, thank you, Father, for Lena Joy.

10 thoughts on “Thankful: 6th Birthday – First Party

  1. Lindsey, Port Neches, TX

    Your pictures are priceless! What a wonderful day for all of you. Isn’t it the most rewarding thing seeing the joy on our kids faces when they get to experience something like a birthday party that most kids have never considered not having.

    I am thinking about trying to get a group of adoptive families together for a playgroup. I personally know of at least 5 families locally that adopted from overseas. Shoot me an email if you have any interest in this.

  2. Hollie Carson

    Mercy. That kind of love satisfies my heart’s affections. I can only imagine how full her cup is, how loved she feels. As I read your post, esp where you mentioned that ya’ll get to be the ones to love on Lena Joy, I couldn’t help but think of what Lena will say one day, about your incredible love for the Father that overflows onto/into her,…one day when she gets to be my age. Oh, I can’t wait for that day! Can’t WAIT to see what the Lord will do in her…in YOUR family.
    Love you Hazletons…SO MUCH!

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