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We’re Alive

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About to head to Church

Well, I’ve got about 2.5 minutes here while 4 children are occupied with activities and one sits on my lap. We made it back safely to the States on Thursday.  It was a rough 2nd trip.  Very busy and exhausting, and by the time we were coming back through Kiev, I was at the end of my strength and resolve.

Running on about 1.5 hours of sleep, we started out the journey home at 3am (Kiev time) and traveled for about 22 hours to reach our front door.  There was a mild freak-out moment for the kids when we made it home.  But after about 30 minutes they were warming up and coming out of their shell.

It’s been so good to be home.  Things are crazy, chaotic, and challenging.  I’m still exhausted.  And I spend every waking moment of the day putting out proverbial fires and re-directing little ones and trying to stay ahead of the game.  Anton and Lena don’t know our ‘house rules’ and have to be watched all the time and corrected or re-directed.  They are sleeping well, so if I could just get Carson to cooperate, we’d be doing pretty well.

We hit the ground running… arrived home Thursday evening, and Friday morning, Jeff was off to work as usual.  Saturday we had a family-only birthday party for Lilly in the park, and all the kids had a blast.  And Sunday, we went to our regular Sunday morning activities.  The kids have been troopers.

And Google Translate stays up on our computer at all times.  In fact, I was just interrupted and had to use it to help Lena understand what I was telling her.

Thank you for following our journey – but really – it’s just beginning.  So I hope you all will stick around and keep praying for us.  (I need it!!!)

Anton and Lena DID meet their buddy, who grew up in their orphanage and now lives 5 minutes from us.  It was so precious to watch.  Our friends got pictures and video, but they’re on vacation at the beach with no internet, so I promise I’ll post pictures from that when they get back into town.

Again, we still need your prayers as we are making this HUGE family transition.

God is good… and we’re taking it one day at a time…

Needing Prayer

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Sorry, no pictures today.  Hence my first prayer request.

Prayer Request One
My Macbook is acting crazy.  It keeps freezing up, shutting down, giving error messages, screen gets pixely.  Crazy stuff.  It has happened at least 20 times in the past 3 days.  Sometimes we’ll try to turn it on and nothing will happen.  Then we’ll get it to turn on, only to have it freeze up in the first 5 seconds.  I’ve run the disc utility scan function (whatever it’s called) and nothing wrong was found.  I don’t know what’s going on, but I know without the computer we can keep in touch with family back home or contact our travel agent when it’s time to come home so he can get us OUT of here.

I do have my iPod, but unless I have wifi, it won’t work… and unless I have some way to charge it (currently, my Macbook is the only way) then I have nothing.

PLEASE PRAY the computer starts working correctly, consistently, and long enough to GET US HOME.

Prayer Request Two
We get the kids out of the orphanage on Monday and head straight to the train that takes us to Kiev.  PLEASE PRAY that the children will do well on the train and we can actually get some rest.

Prayer Request Three
In Kiev, if we have an apartment with wifi, then we can use our iPods (if we can find a charger) in the event the computer isnt’ working.  On top of that, even if the computer is working, with 3 kids in tow, and two of them speaking no English, it would be GREAT if we did NOT have to traipse out into the city to find a cafe’ or something with wifi.  PLEASE PRAY for an apartment with internet.

Prayer Request Four
This ties with number one.  The kids’ passports still aren’t ready.  If we get to Kiev without them, we’ll be delayed in getting our embassy appointments done, and thus delayed in coming home.  PLEASE PRAY we get the kids’ passports ASAP.  Tomorrow would be PERFECT.

Thank you.  I need to post this before the computer freezes again.  Sorry for nothing inspiring or poetic.  We just want to COME HOME.

Her name means ‘Warrior’

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I want to introduce you to a new member of Team Hazleton.

Andrea (pronounced ‘AHn-drea’) lives up to her name, for she is a true prayer warrior and a young woman striving daily to follow hard after the Lord.
I am grateful to have her on this trip to be a companion and friend and a help in bringing 3 of my children nearly 6,000 miles across the world.
She is truly a blessing to us… and i hope this trip is a blessing to her as well….
I’m thinking the big cappuccino paired with this cheesecake we had earlier today is helping to make it worth her while. :)

Operation “Dinner Out”

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Greetings Everyone!

Well, The rescue operation is underway :)
Shannon, Carson, and our friend Andrea are currently in Kyiv, Ukraine.  In a few days’ time they will be in Dnep (I won’t write the whole name of the city; chances are you might not pronounce it correctly!), the city where our kids have been living for basically their whole lives.
(Of course, if you are reading this, you probably know all about the adoption, as well as Anton and Lena Hazletons, the new additions to our family.)

A theme verse for this adoption journey has been Psalm 68:6,

God settles the solitary in a home; [He] leads out the prisoners to prosperity. (ESV)
God places the lonely in families; [He] sets the prisoners free and gives them joy. (NLT)

That’s pretty much what the Lord has done in our family this year: He has granted us the privilege of adopting two orphans who, like all of us, need a family to love and care for them.

…so you may be wondering, Why Operation Dinner Out?

About 10 years ago, there was a movie about a rescue mission (to break someone out of wrongful imprisonment) which went badly, and the rescuer needed some rescuing, too.  He had an influential friend who used all the power and resources at his disposal to get his buddy and [the other prisoner] out of their captivity.  The name for the final rescue was “Operation Dinner Out”.

our plans do not include a helicopter extraction.   yet.

And so it is with us.  Our family – our children – have been orphans their whole lives until about 10 days ago, when a judge awarded us custody and we became their family. YAY!!!!!!
…the journey (well, at least this part of it) is almost complete.  By God’s grace, the solitary have found a home with us; now our rescue team has been deployed to set them free from a lonely existence and bring them home.  Because of the Lord’s work and provision (which He has accomplished due to support from many of you!!! Thanks again!), the jailbreak is on, and our kids will be home in time to celebrate their new sister’s birthday.


That is all for now.  More details to follow.