Sunny Morning- 2nd day of visits

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We were greeted with kisses!  Wasn’t expecting that!  The Nannies told them to give us kisses, I’m sure, but they weren’t hesitant at all.
After our warm welcome to the orphanage, we headed back to the playground, because, as the facilitator said, “the children need fresh air.”
Here’s a few pics from the morning visit.
Do I finally have a left-handed child??

Got Your Shades, Mom

Hazel Eyes

Both wanting Papa’s (Daddy’s) attention

7 thoughts on “Sunny Morning- 2nd day of visits

  1. Katie King

    These pictures bring tears to my eyes! Something about the last picture with both of the kids and Jeff…and their BIG smiles! I think your boy’s smile reminds me of my boy’s smile…and the thought of him without a momma and daddy to love him breaks my heart. So happy for your sweet kids!

  2. Jarröt

    I love Conquistador’s 😉 laugh and smile! My heart is beaming for you two. Waiting, hoping, and praying for the Spirit to call their little hearts, Christ to be made great in their eyes, and God to gently assure them you are a good, faithful and trustworthy conduit to point them to their ABBA whose never lost sight of them nor left them!

  3. Cath&crew

    Wow Mel sent me your link…this was the orphanage I was at last year to get Marina! Do you think it would be possible to get Ludmilla’s email addy for me? I want to end some photos for her. I recognize the wall paper in the kit hen of the apartment as that is the place Mel and I stayed in when we were in Dnep together. I do not recognize your childreso I wonder if they came after I was there…we came homme last November. I look forward to getting on board with your story now….Godspeed And good luck! Cathy


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