What’s Left

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Hey remember these two kiddos?

I think they’re ready to come home… it’s about time, don’t you think? What’s left?

Well, our dossier made it to K & L’s country today!!! Now it has to be translated and then submitted… and then we are given an appointment/travel date. This could take weeks, so I’m trying not to get too excited.
And while we wait, I have PLENTY to do, because we have QUITE a bit of money to raise, still. I have updated our thermometer. Our Goal went up a bit since we added Lori to our adoption, and I’ll write a more detailed post about fundraising expenses soon.
We have a few fundraisers coming up next week… first is our benefit at Chic-Fil-A next Monday…
Then, next Saturday, we’re cookin’ up something else…
In case you can’t read the ridiculously cute flier (flyer?) my brilliant husband made, our friends have put together a brisket sale… they’ll be fully cooked and big – 8-10 lbs! They are $45 each, and you’ll be feeding your family (for days, most likely) and blessing our family tremendously. So if you’re local, and you want a brisket let me know ASAP, because tickets need to be turned in by Monday.
Then we have a garage sale coming up next month,… and I am almost done with my surprise!! My (hopefully) last online fundraiser. I am really, really excited about it, and I hope I can tell you about it this week!
So as you can see. We have a lot going on… or as my good friends Brenda and Shelly would say, ‘that’s a lotta action.’ teehee.
Here’s how you can help….
PRAY (really, the most important thing)
Spread the Word!
We are really getting down to the wire here. We could be traveling a month from now! And we need to bring the funds in now. Please spread the word about our adoption by telling your friends, posting on FB or your blog – just send them back here to get the full story.
Come to Our Fundraisers (if you’re local)
– Visit our FSP (Family Support Page) and Donate
Keep Checking Back
We are so humbled that you would follow our journey. What a blessing it is to have the body of Christ. It may not take a village to raise a child – but it sure takes a village to ransom one from across the ocean!
Let’s get these kids HOME!!

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  1. Katrina

    Very excited that you are getting so close. That is an adorable flier (not sure how it is spelled either) I am praying that you have a great turn out on both events.


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