Travelin’ Buddies

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Jessica posted about Kirk and Parker on her blog today – head over there and read about it… and make yourself a good cup of coffee first, because you’ll want to sit down and read their story and pour over pictures of her amazingly cute kiddos – she’s breaking them out of the orphanage forever on WEDNESDAY! I’m so excited for them! I can hardly stand it! I’m ready for them to come home, but I’m also sad that Kirk won’t have Mama-Carlin on the prowl over there, watching out for him.

Kirk is going to have to say goodbye to Parker in a few days… but he has no idea it won’t be goodbye forever.
What are they plotting?
Can you imagine the looks on these boys’ faces when they meet up again in Southeast Texas? I cannot wait to blog about that day!!

4 thoughts on “Travelin’ Buddies

  1. Noey814

    I can’t wait to hear about that day as well! I hope you take plenty of pictures and video.

    Have you guys thought about how you are going to do it yet?

    this is all so exciting!

    God is good!

  2. Emi

    I saw this on the Carlins’ blog! I’m so happy for Kirk and Parker! I can’t wait until you post that they are reunited in the USA! God is so good! I will be praying for Kirk as he says goodbye to his friend for a while..

  3. Jessica

    Right now I am counting down to getting HOME with my kids. As soon as I’m home I am going to be counting down to when YOU get home with Kirk! I just can’t wait until you get your boy home where he belongs! God is so good!


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