Around our Home

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Well, as usual, I didn’t get my camera out on Easter Sunday, when my crew was in their fresh new duds… so I used Mother’s Day as a do-over…

I did bring my camera to church on Mother’s Day, and captured a few sweet moments…

It’s my prayer, my hope, my dream… that Kirk will be sitting on the pew with us soon.

5 thoughts on “Around our Home

  1. Shannon

    Haha, thanks, Hollie! I KNOW almost FOUR…. ALMOST!!

    And yes, all the kids sit in on the service… we do have a room I can go back to to nurse him or administer some discipline, if needed, but we are trying to train them all to stay in with us. We don’t expect them to be perfect… we’re training them to listen and worship with us. :)


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