5K in 5 Days… Who’s With Me?

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Our pastor joked yesterday that he was kind of hoping the rapture would have really come on Saturday, because then he wouldn’t have to do our 5K fundraiser this weekend.

Hardy, har har.
Actually, I won’t be running it. Nope. I’ll be walking the whole way. I am definitely not a runner. I’ve always admired those ridiculously self-disciplined people who choose to run. But that’s just not me. And I’m fine with that. I have a feeling I won’t be the only one walking this Saturday…
So, you may be wondering, how exactly does running/walking a 5K help bring Kirk home? I’m glad you asked!
There is a registration fee, for those who want a cute T-shirt designed by my friend and her creative daughters. But the $10 fee covers the cost of the shirt with just a little left over, which goes to the Adoption Fund.
So the real fundraising comes from participants securing sponsors. That means each runner/walker (individual or family) will print off a Sponsor Form and ask for people to ‘sponsor’ them, i.e. give donations to our Adoption Fund.
At least we hope everyone is getting sponsors!
If you are local, and you’re participating in our 5K and need a Sponsor Form, go to www.texashandmaids.com and click on Kirk’s picture. From there you can see the link to print the sponsor form, AND you can also print off a flyer with some cute pictures of Kirk.
I’m so excited about this Saturday, not just because it will bring us closer to our fundraising goal, but also because it is seriously warming my heart to see people in our community – some I haven’t even met – coming together to rally for Kirk and bring him home. It must make God’s heart happy, too – to see His children caring for the fatherless.
Pray for our fundraiser this weekend (and for good weather!) I can’t wait to see some of you there!

4 thoughts on “5K in 5 Days… Who’s With Me?

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Shannon! We’re planning on being there! I’m printing the sponsor sheet & flyer today and plan to walk the neighborhood tonight to get sponsors! Hopefully I can raise you some money!!! :) See you Saturday…actually, see you tomorrow at Chick-fil-A! :)
    Melissa Lemoine


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