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Amazing Day

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Yesterday’s 5k Walk/Run to Bring Him Home was just incredible. I was blown away by the love and support. It was sunny, windy, warm, and a lot of fun – and a huge success! I will come back later today and post a ton of pictures and tell you all more. For now, I’m taking care of a sick little one who stayed home from church with me. Stop back by, and have a wonderful Sunday!


5K in 5 Days… Who’s With Me?

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Our pastor joked yesterday that he was kind of hoping the rapture would have really come on Saturday, because then he wouldn’t have to do our 5K fundraiser this weekend.

Hardy, har har.
Actually, I won’t be running it. Nope. I’ll be walking the whole way. I am definitely not a runner. I’ve always admired those ridiculously self-disciplined people who choose to run. But that’s just not me. And I’m fine with that. I have a feeling I won’t be the only one walking this Saturday…
So, you may be wondering, how exactly does running/walking a 5K help bring Kirk home? I’m glad you asked!
There is a registration fee, for those who want a cute T-shirt designed by my friend and her creative daughters. But the $10 fee covers the cost of the shirt with just a little left over, which goes to the Adoption Fund.
So the real fundraising comes from participants securing sponsors. That means each runner/walker (individual or family) will print off a Sponsor Form and ask for people to ‘sponsor’ them, i.e. give donations to our Adoption Fund.
At least we hope everyone is getting sponsors!
If you are local, and you’re participating in our 5K and need a Sponsor Form, go to and click on Kirk’s picture. From there you can see the link to print the sponsor form, AND you can also print off a flyer with some cute pictures of Kirk.
I’m so excited about this Saturday, not just because it will bring us closer to our fundraising goal, but also because it is seriously warming my heart to see people in our community – some I haven’t even met – coming together to rally for Kirk and bring him home. It must make God’s heart happy, too – to see His children caring for the fatherless.
Pray for our fundraiser this weekend (and for good weather!) I can’t wait to see some of you there!

Hey Buddy, Can Ya Spare a Buck?

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Bring Him Home!

At the end of this month, Mommy and Daddy are taking me to something called a 5k. I don’t know what that means, but they tell me that this 5k thing will help bring my new brother home to live with us forever.
Do you think you could sponsor me? I’m pretty sure that means give me money to go 5k for my brother, whatever that means.
5k Run/Walk to Bring Him Home
May 28, 2011… 9am-12pm
Ridgewood Church
2920 Lake Arthur Drive
Port Arthur, TX 77642

Best Moments…

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… of my day…

– Visiting with friends, and getting to spend more time with three little friends from Kirk’s country.
– Pushing Kirk’s buddy Parker on the swing and having him giggle at me and say both Russian and English words to me (the last time I was at his house, he would only sneak glances at me from where he was hiding behind the recliner.)
– Jumping with Maggie on our friends’ trampoline (per her request) and then afterward hearing her tell someone else, “My Mama is the greatest!”
– Hearing Maggie’s ‘gasp’ of delight when she discovered a surprise her Daddy had left for her this morning.
– Having Maggie excitedly run to me and hug me because she was proud of writing a ‘K’ correctly.
– Realizing it is my Mom & Dad’s wedding anniversary, and smiling at the thought of them being married 37 years.
I’m mighty blessed.

Whoop! Yikes!… and Ahhhh!

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Today, in just a little while… I will load my children up in the Mountaineer and hop over to UPS and send off our 1st packet of documents to Kirk’s country!!! I can hardly believe we’ve come this far already. The paperwork trail is practically done! We are now just waiting on approval from immigration, and then we can send the rest of our dossier to Kirk’s country. We’re so close now… it makes me jump and ‘whoop’ for joy…. but it also makes me go….
We are just a few weeks away from sending our dossier and yet we are tens of thousands of dollars away from our fundraising goal!! At this point I have to keep taking deep breaths and reminding myself that it was God who called us to this,… and it was God who has worked out every glitch and overcome every obstacle… and it is He who provides. Please keep praying!!
And in the midst of it all, since I have been able to emerge from the Great Paperwork Sea, I also was able to steal away for a little while for my Mother’s Day treat…. my annual haircut! I get a ‘real’ haircut about once a year, and by that time the 5 lbs of thick hair removed from my head makes me go….

Around our Home

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Well, as usual, I didn’t get my camera out on Easter Sunday, when my crew was in their fresh new duds… so I used Mother’s Day as a do-over…

I did bring my camera to church on Mother’s Day, and captured a few sweet moments…

It’s my prayer, my hope, my dream… that Kirk will be sitting on the pew with us soon.

Put On Your Runnin’ Shoes!

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If you are local, and want a fun way to involve your whole family in helping us bring Kirk home, mark your calendars for May 28th! Our amazing friends have put together a Fun Run! If you’re not a runner, don’t worry, neither am I!! {I’ll be pushing Carson in a stroller}

Each participating runner/walker will have a few weeks to obtain sponsors who will donate to our adoption, on behalf of the participant. Every runner/walker gets a T-shirt (I’m so excited about the design, too!)
Here are the details:
Date: Saturday, May 28th
Time: 9:00am (Registration is at 8:30)
Location: Ridgewood Church, Port Arthur, TX
Sponsor Sheets: Contact me.
Do you think having a bake sale on the premises during the run would be too ironic? Congrats on finishing that run, how about a brownie? Haha, just kidding.


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A leap of faith.

That’s what we call it when we feel that God is urging us to do something we can’t possibly do in our own power, or through our own resources.
Our journey on the mission field was certainly a leap of faith. We didn’t know what we would encounter – what dangers or unknowns were ahead… how we would fare in a foreign culture, immersed in another language… how would we ‘afford’ to go?
But God provided.
Our journey in adoption has been much the same kind of experience. We’re embarking on something totally foreign to us. It’s so far to travel… we don’t know the language, our son’s language… how will this affect our family? How will we connect with our new son? And of course – how can we ever afford it?!
But from the beginning, God has been in it… He has assured us and guided us and provided, from the first step we took in obedience.
The day after we decided to say yes and commit to Kirk, we were handed a check for a large sum of money. Every time we’ve needed to write a check to cover fees or postage or fingerprinting or a number of other things – the funds were there.
Just recently, I’ve been thinking that the giving had stopped, that no one else would want to help… these are ‘hard’ times, and people have their own families to take care of, and they can’t afford to give…
Nonetheless, I’ve been praying, and in the past week, we’ve received two donations on our ChipIn, two checks in the mail, and small stack of cash on our doorstep.
Oh me of little faith. God is faithful.

Money isn’t the only way He provides. There have been paperwork hurdles conquered, lost passports retrieved, and ‘glitches’ fixed. We are being given things we need for Kirk, like a bed and mattress, and bedding. I have a feeling we’ll get lots of clothes for him, too, in the days to come. (He does have two grandmas, you know!)
We are so grateful for those who are giving, and even more grateful for those who are praying. If we could humbly ask- will you please keep praying with us?! Here are some current needs:
– Funding
– For a fast fingerprinting appointment
– To quickly receive our ‘Golden Ticket’ from Immigration
– For protection over our dossier as it travels to Kirk’s country
– For Kirk’s continued health
– For a mini-van or other vehicle that will seat all 4 of our children- we have outgrown our Mountaineer.
– That God will prepare Kirk’s heart to join his new family
That’s enough for now. Thank you for joining us in asking Father to do what He does best!

Travelin’ Buddies

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Jessica posted about Kirk and Parker on her blog today – head over there and read about it… and make yourself a good cup of coffee first, because you’ll want to sit down and read their story and pour over pictures of her amazingly cute kiddos – she’s breaking them out of the orphanage forever on WEDNESDAY! I’m so excited for them! I can hardly stand it! I’m ready for them to come home, but I’m also sad that Kirk won’t have Mama-Carlin on the prowl over there, watching out for him.

Kirk is going to have to say goodbye to Parker in a few days… but he has no idea it won’t be goodbye forever.
What are they plotting?
Can you imagine the looks on these boys’ faces when they meet up again in Southeast Texas? I cannot wait to blog about that day!!