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WiNNER & an Announcement

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WINNER of the Beaded Necklace & Earrings is…
Cheri Walters!
Isn’t it your anniversary today, Cheri? (Cheri is one of my in-real-life friends, but we no longer live close to each other.) Too bad I can’t get these to you in time for your dinner date tonight. 😉 I’m so glad you won!
Okay, we’re going to kick it up a notch now… There are FOUR prizes left in our Kick Off for Kirk Giveaway. Go here to see all the prizes. We are going to give away all four prizes on Wednesday! Four names will be drawn Wednesday night. If you have already donated, and haven’t won a prize yet, your name is still in the hat. BUT, you can also have three more entries if you:
1. Post about our adoption & fundraiser on your blog or FB page
2. Come back here and leave a comment.
Four more prizes. All going at once. Three more chances to win. Got it?
On a final note, our home study is tomorrow and we would appreciate your prayers that all goes smoothly. I am so ready to bring our boy home; I can hardly stand it!
Hang on, Son… we’re getting there…

Thank you all so much, and glory to God!

Chocolate, Back to School, and Another Drawing

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Well, Jeffrey & I stayed up late doing some of our Adoption Training Courses online. We finished 2 out of 5 courses – good! We also nearly demolished an entire bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs – bad! It reminds me of high school when I would munch on Jelly Beans while doing homework… or college, where I’d always be downing coffee drinks while cramming for tests… I think I have issues…

Anyway, speaking of tests, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with our home study. Almost all our documents for that are complete, and our social worker comes to our house this Sunday to grill us I mean talk with us and look around a bit. Guess I should lock up all our fire arms and make sure the kitchen knives are out of reach! :) Just kidding. But please do pray that things go smoothly, and that we’ll have all our ducks in a row.
Okay, kids… time to give away another prize… The next drawing is tomorrow (Friday) evening for these…
Handmade Beaded Necklace AND Earrings

So ChipIn on the right-hand side of the blog – if you haven’t already- to get your name in the hat. And please, please help us spread the word!
We’ll announce the winner Saturday morning – so come back and see us!
In the meantime I don’t recommend keeping a bag of cadbury mini eggs near the computer. It’s dangerous.

WINNER of the Doodle Wrap is….

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Kirsten Nielsen
Congrats, Kirsten! Please email me (check my profile) to make sure I know where to send your Doodle Wrap. I hope you love it!!
Our next drawing is Friday Night! If you have already donated, and didn’t win today, your name is still in the drawing for our next prize. For another chance to win, share about our giveaway on your blog or Facebook, linking back to our blog, and then leave me a comment.
Again, thank you all so much…. every donation helps bring our boy home… and that makes a Mama’s Heart very happy!


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“Thank you!”

I have been overwhelmed by your generosity. We have had many donations from people I’ve never met, and furthermore, have no idea how they heard about us or our adoption… Thank you all for getting the word out – thank you for praying – thank you for giving! Spasiba!
Our goal in this first fundraiser is just a fraction of what we need, and (almost) $300 dollars may seem small in light of the huge amount we’ll have to raise, but I think wow! Look what God has done through you all… and this is just the start of the journey…
If you haven’t entered the drawing, and you’d still like a chance to win the Doodle Wrap, you still have time to get your name in the hat if you make a donation before 10pm (CST) tonight! (Your donation may not show up right away in the ChipIn, but I receive an email as soon as you donate, so no worries.)
Again, glory and praise to God for His provision, and again to all you wonderful friends –

First Drawing TOMORROW

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Would you like a chance to win this?
Doodle Wrap

This cozy baby-wrap carrier is double-sided (reversable) with a print that is adorable for baby boy or girl. It carries newborn up to 30 lbs. and comes with a storage pouch and an instructional dvd!

This will be the first prize given away in our Kick-off Fundraiser to bring home this little guy…

One name will be drawn tomorrow (Monday) evening, and the winner will be announced on Tuesday morning. So hurry for your chance to win: Click on the “Chip-In” button on the right -hand side of our blog and sweetly donate $5 or more towards our adoption. Thank you, friends!!

We’re giving away several more GREAT prizes in the days to come, so click over to this post to see what else we’re giving away.

Dohb reyh Dehyn, Yall!

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(That’s “Good Afternoon” in Russian…. I’m practicing- can you tell?)

Well, one thing I can say about Kirk- we haven’t even met him yet, and he’s already got me on my toes. In the past two weeks I’ve been running around notarizing, copying & faxing, paperwork… staying up late working on documents for the home study… turning my house upside down looking for our vital records which had been misplaced,… learning a little Russian (you know, in my spare time)… and now I think I’ve blogged 3 times in 3 days. That’s some kind of record for me, I’m pretty sure.
On Wednesday morning, the kids and I were at Target, and I wanted to buy something for Kirk. Every time we’ve found out we’re having a baby, we like to buy something for the baby… so I wanted to get something for him. When my friend and her husband had first committed to adopt their son from Eastern Europe, she bought him a pillow. I thought that was a good, practical thing to buy, so I followed her lead. I bought Kirk a pillow. Not that he has a bed for this pillow, or any bedding, or even a place to put a bed right at this moment (we’re moving some things out of Carson’s room soon.) But now he has a pillow. A place to lay his head on every night and feel safe at home. In a family that will always and forever be his.
And I found some creepy-crawly, fun-looking bug books and a bug puzzle at the $1-Spot, and bought those for him too. (Don’t you love the $1-Spot?)
Those are practical too… for a boy, you know.
When we got home from Target, Lilly proudly carried her brother’s pillow into the house. Then she promptly removed it from it’s plastic cover, threw it on the dirty rug in Carson’s room, and laid on top of it. Carson joined her, with his head on the pillow. Ah well, that’s just life at the Hazletons’.
If you want to be entered into our Kick-Off for Kirk drawing, don’t forget to click the “Chip-In” button on the right-hand side of the blog… If you don’t know about the kick-off, go read that post, because we have some awesome prizes, and we’re drawing the first winner on Monday!

Pah kah – Pah kah!