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Snippet of our Life

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Dear Son,

Thank you for being a boy. Because it means I can pick yesterday’s crusty cheerios off yesterday’s comfy camo pants, and you can wear them again today.
And not only will you not care, but strangers in the store will never notice your crusty pants or your drool-stained shirt – because they think you’re so cute. And if they do notice, they just dismiss it. Because you are a boy.
Thank you for making my life easier today.

One Word

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As you read in my last post, I was inspired by The Stay-at-Home-Missionary to pray about one word for 2011 that would express my goal for the year – what one word would describe the direction the Lord is leading for 2011?

It took me a while to settle on this. A few key words came to the forefront of my mind as I prayed through the decision. You may remember that I mentioned ‘Simplify’. {deep breath} Nice, isn’t it? It’s something I definitely need to make a goal this year.
But I knew that wasn’t quite the word…
Other words that jostled in my head were ‘love’… ‘contentment’… and ‘serve.’
But I kept hearing this word whispered in my ear… settling in my heart.
At first I thought well, you can’t have joy without first being content, so my word must be ‘contentment’, for I certainly wrestle with this in my heart. But after praying about this, the Lord showed me that I had it backwards. I was thinking of Joy as Happiness. I realized that true joy doesn’t come from having a content heart. Rather, it’s the other way around – I will learn to be content in all things {Philippians 4:11} when the JOY of the LORD is my strength.
When I take a fresh look at my salvation – how God gave His Son to take the punishment for my sin – I can’t help but have a JOYful heart! When I look at things in everyday life from that perspective, the tiresome work of being a stay-at-home wife and mommy doesn’t cause my feet to drag {and my tongue to complain} as much because my focus has shifted.
I believe this is the focus God desires from me this year – to learn that no matter the circumstance {tired, drained, frustrated, overwhelmed, falling behind…} – I can have a heart full of JOY – because of the sacrifice and provision of Jesus Christ, giving me a treasure I never deserved!
Did you ask God to give you a Word for 2011? It’s not too late. My best friend read my last post, and after praying with her husband, the Lord laid a word upon their hearts for them and each one of their children as well. I love to see how God uses His children to inspire, challenge, and sharpen each other.
So now I challenge you to ask the Lord for a word for 2011 – will you do it? Let’s encourage each other this year – are you with me?