Sunday Night

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I thought I might spend some time tonight thinking through my week, looking over my menu, making plans for what needs to take place – you know – gearing up.

But I decided sleep is more important.
See, the only sounds I hear in my house right now are the dryer running in the garage,… the hum of the refrigerator… and the clicking of my keyboard. The important point here is what I don’t hear. And I dont hear my 9-month-old son screaming his head off wailing loudly. You see, its been weeks and weeks since I’ve slept more than about 3 consecutive hours at a time. Carson has been waking up all throughout the night, making for a cranky mama… and crazy, chaotic days.
But now, right now,… sshhh…. He sleeps.
So I am too.
By golly!
But I’ll leave you with this…

Can you guess what this week’s Make-It-Yourself Monday is? What is it and how did I make it? (And no cheating if you’ve actually been to my house in real-life and seen it for yourself!)
G’night, ya’ll. (Oh no, I need to watch that.)

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