MIY Monday: The Mystery Project

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No guesses, eh?

Really? I can’t believe there’s no one who wants to guess… well, anyway, here it is:

My Custom-made Magnet Board!
This is so easy I’m almost embarrassed to even give you ‘instructions’ on it. The idea popped into my head several weeks ago, and it is a project that is easily completed in an afternoon, say, while your kiddos are napping (or not, however you roll at your house.)
I really wanted to bit of a change in our dining area, where there is one long, boring wall, with nothing on it – I’m terrible at decorating! I wanted to paint the entire wall a fun, beautiful blue, but that would be more expense than I wanted, and really time-consuming as well. So I decided to paint just the half-wall above the bar:
Yes, I know… time to clean off the bar…

Using some of the leftover paint, I brushed on a coat of this beautiful blue on a sheet of ‘scrap metal’ I bought at Lowes. I wandered around looking for a sheet of ‘tin’ I could use for this purpose, and when I asked an employee, he pointed me to a small section of these in various sizes, thickness, and prices.
The kind of metal that you can shake back and forth to make a ‘thunder’ sound!
I wanted to rougher effect that a brush would give, rather than rolling on the color.
After a short time, it was dry, and I asked my super-hubby if he would punch a hole in each top corner, where I would thread some jute through to hang it. Ever so helpful, he was happy to oblige.
And voila! Pretty magnet board that adds a splash of color to my boring wall.
Happy Monday, everyone!
Be sure to come back for Part II of Coming Back from the Silence.

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