MIY Monday: Mini Makeover

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This post is for Lydia – my dear friend who sometimes has the misconception that I have it all together. I do not. Not even a little. Not even once in a while.

To prove it to her, I went around the house taking pictures of just how much I do not have it ‘all together.’
And this inspired my post for today:

Just in case you think this area doesn’t look so bad, take a closer look here…

and here…
and here…

This is one of the areas of my house that is never in order. I’ve had this desk for about 14 years now and I love the old wood, the coziness, the way it creaks. But all the nooks and crannies are not very conducive for keeping things tidy.
So I decided to make a change. A mini makeover…
While the kids napped today I got to work. First I removed everything. Then, one flathead screwdriver and a few minutes later I had this…

and this….

The rest of the transformation fell into place easily.

I love this space now. It’s so simple and tidy and refreshing. My thoughts seem much more orderly now.
But don’t worry…. I still don’t have it all together.

2 thoughts on “MIY Monday: Mini Makeover

  1. Teesa

    Lovely! I bet Jeff is thrilled too! It’s always nice to have space on your desk to write things down, isn’t it? You need to come over here and do a few makeovers in my house!


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