MIY Monday: In the (Kid’s) Kitchen

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Welcome to another episode of Make-It-Yourself Monday!

Okay, so I do remember my promise about not doing any more MIY Monday FOOD posts for a while. However, I did NOT promise not to post about FELT food. Ahem.

Last Monday, I stayed up late making these felt bowtie pastas and ravioli…

to go with these cute little pots and pans…

for this adorable girl who was turning four-years-old the next day.

I used solely what I had on-hand and here’s how I did it: OH, first an apology: I’m sorry, these pictures were taken sometime before midnight last Monday night, in my dining room. So the lighting is awful. Did I mention I hate using the flash?

Okay, let’s make some felt Pasta!

As I stated before, I used the felt I had on-hand in my craft closet: some tan colored I used for chocolate chip cookies, some green & blue I had used for a train-table backdrop. Blue pasta? Why not?! Cut them into strips about an inch wide and however long you want.

Then cut each strip into (about) inch long sections. I should state here that I never once measured any of these. And as a result, my bowtie pasta are NOT all the same exact size. Do you think my preschoolers care? Nope. Oh, and notice that I used the pinking sheers to make sure the edges of the bowtie pasta were wavy, just like the real thing.
Pinch each piece of felt into a ‘W’. Then you may glue or stitch it in place. My kiddos are pretty rough on their play food, so I used a needle and thread. Voila! Farfalle anyone?

Next, the Ravioli.
Using the same tan colored felt, I used a round lid to trace circles…
Then cut them out with the handy pinking shears…
… placed a little stuffing in each circle (seriously, a tiny amount)…
… then folded over and pinned each ravioli. Aren’t they so adorable?
I could have easily used the sewing machine to finish these, but did I mention it was late? I didn’t feel like lugging out the sewing machine, so I stitched these by hand while Jeff sat and talked to me. It was nice and relaxing, actually. I should sew more often while we sit and talk.
Anyway, that’s how easy it was to whip up a special birthday present for a special girl. The pasta was a huge hit. It was served up in several different ways. The next morning, Maggie brought me one ravioli in a little cup and told me it was my tea with a lemon on top. Imagination at it’s finest!
Happy Monday, Everyone!!

4 thoughts on “MIY Monday: In the (Kid’s) Kitchen

  1. Teesa

    Carolina has those pots and the utensils that go with it. We love them! Wish I was creative enough to think about making something like that to go with the set. You are so creative! Then again, I need a craft closet like you have too. For that matter, I think it would just be best for you to move in. Happy birthday Maggie!

  2. Jo

    That is super cute! What a great idea. I always feel so good when I can make something from scraps I already have. I made Emily’s bear a princess dress from old fabric the other day. It felt great!


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