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A Moment…

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Wow, there’s a lot going on this week.

So much to post about, including a really fun MIY post coming tonight (um, or tomorrow, depending on if I get it finished.) I’m so excited about it!!

There’s a few milestones this week to post about too, including my first-born turning 4-years-old. Is that possible?

But first I wanted to take just a moment to ponder this with you. I found out, via mi madre this morning that my great-great-grandfather served in WWI. My great-grandfather served in WWII. My grandfather served during the Korean Crisis, and my father was in the service during the Vietnam War. Wow. That’s humbling…

More to come.

Remembering those who served,

MIY Monday: Another Pizza Post!

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Okay, I think I need to make a promise here… that I will not do another MIY post about food for at least a month! I suppose that’s that’s the only area these past few months, where I’ve had time to invest any creative energies.
But the lil’ Guy is sleeping through the night now, so I have no more excuses, right? Well then, here’s the last of the MIY Monday FOOD posts you’ll see for a while… promise! Just another idea for making fast meals… Mini Pita Pizzas!
I started making these after we ordered cheese pita pizzas for the girls at one of our favorite sandwich shops during lunch one Sunday, and I marveled at how much we paid for a little bread, sauce, and cheese. These will freeze great, too. You can assemble a bunch at once, then freeze on cookie sheets before transferring them to freezer bags. Then you have quick-grab lunch for your littles within arm’s reach. And it only takes a few minutes in the oven to cook them right up.
Now that I’ve thoroughly convinced you that you need to make these, here’s what mine looked like:

I used these ‘sandwich rounds’ but you can use any pitas you like. I personally think pita bread would be better than these, but they worked fine.

Pausing to think about how great my food photographs would be if I had an outdoor kitchen… honey, if you’re reading this, would you build me an outdoor kitchen, please? Thanks!
Bake the pitas in the oven at 350 just until crispy. This is so your bread won’t get soggy when you ladle on tons of your favorite sauce. I included my favorite pizza sauce recipe at the end of this post.
I sprinkled on two kinds of cheese, because that’s what I had in the fridge. (We have a serious love for cheese in this house.) And since it will be mostly the girls who eat these, I just left them as cheese pizzas, but you can add pepperoni, chicken, or veggies of your choice.
Or bar-b-que sauce with chicken and pineapple… mmm….
And there you have it – MIY Mini Freezer Pita Pizzas.
Say that five times fast: ‘Mini Freezer Pita Pizzas, Mini Freezer Pita Pizzas, Mini Freezer Pita Pizzas, Mini Freezer Pita Pizzas, MINI FREEZER PITA PIZZAS!!
My work is done here.
Oh, except to leave you with this recipe for some seriously delicious, ridiculously easy pizza sauce, ala my friend Teesa. (Thanks, Teesa!!)
**Tip: I add 2 tbs of honey to this recipe. ‘Cause, you know, we like it sweet in the South!

**Another Tip: Double this recipe and keep the extra sauce in the fridge for dipping breadsticks, making meatball sandwiches, etc.
Teesa’s Pizza Sauce

1 6oz. can Tomato Paste
1 c. water
1/2 tsp lemon juice of vinegar
1/4 tsp each: basil, dried thyme, garlic powder, oregano, and salt
1/8 tsp ground black pepper
1/8 tsp onion powder
1 bay leaf

Combine in saucepan using a whisk, and bring to boil. Let simmer uncovered for 30-45 minutes, until it reaches desired consistency.
Okay, now my work is done. Happy Monday, Everybody!

MIY Monday: Window Garden

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Well, if you live anywhere near us in SE Texas, then spring passed you right by and summer is in full swing. Today it was near 90 degrees here. And this is only the first week of May.

Can someone please bring me a fudgesicle?

One of the things I love about warmer weather is planting season. I’m really new at this, and still learning a lot about gardening, but I’m having fun. (I’m not sure Jeffrey is having as much fun – he’s the one having to do the tilling and haul the mulch!)

On Easter weekend, my sister Sarah gave the girls the cutest little gardening kits with tools and seeds and pots. We got straight to work, and there is little my children love more than playing with dirt, so this was an easy science / nature class for our little home-schooling family.

Yes, I made them wear their art aprons. I am that mom.
But I thought I was doing real well with all the dirt on the table.

We planted our seeds and set them in the window sill. As many times as I’ve seen it happen, I was still amazed to see them sprout. I mean, don’t you think it’s miraculous? I can’t believe that anyone who’s ever buried a dry seed in soil and watched it sprout could doubt that there is a Divine Creator!

This season we are growing tomatoes (of course!), squash, cow peas (purple hull peas), basil, peppers, and hopefully some zucchini and melons. I bought some seed plants for potatoes and onions, too.

Even if you don’t have a stitch of land for a garden, you can plant a container garden, using pots. In fact, those are easier to maintain! My Pastor doesn’t even have a yard; he just has limited space for potted plants around his swimming pool, and last year he grew an amazing crop of vegetables!

If you have little ones, plant a bean or a sunflower seed with them and watch it grow. It’s a great way to talk to them about God – the creator of all our wonderful plants.

Happy Monday, everyone!