MIY Monday: Recycled Organizing

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Hey, it’s Make-It-Yourself Monday again!

Here’s a quick and easy MIY project for all you who are organizing and gearing up in your planning for the new year.

I bought an Amy Knapp Family Organizer this year. I love this planner because not only does it have a To Do list right by my weekly calendar, but there is also a place to list my weekly menu on the right, and a grocery list on the left. Plus, the menu and grocery list are perforated, so you can tear them out and take them with you, if you wish. It’s a home-manager’s dream!
Well, this particular planner runs from July ’09 to December ’10. I didn’t need those first 5 months of pages, so I tore them out. Then I got a bright idea…
Instead of throwing all those pages away, I got out my scissors and a few other supplies and went to work…
I cut out the grocery list pages, and stapled them together. On the back, I stuck some magnetic strips I had on hand. (These magnet strips have a peel-and-stick side, and can easily be cut with scissors to fit your needs.)
Voila! An instant pad for the refrigerator.
Next, I trimmed the “To Do” pages and just kept them together with one of these mini clothes pins I had in my craft box. Instant notepad to keep right beside the computer.
I grabbed a few more of the mini clothes pins and cut magnet strips for them as well.
Now I have a handy way to hang photos or important memos on my fridge.
You could actually dress these up by painting them or covering them with scrapbook paper. But I was in a hurry.
There you go. Easy organizing. I hope you’re enjoying your planning for the new year. Happy Monday, everyone!

4 thoughts on “MIY Monday: Recycled Organizing

  1. Miss Susan

    :) I actually started buying that same organizer several years ago! And I too tore out the extra pages to use. But… I did not organize them in as neat a way as you did! Good job :)

    love you~


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