Countdown to Carson.

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We are now one week away from Carson’s scheduled arrival. The past two weeks have been spent getting things ready. We still have a few little projects to tend to, but mostly we are prepared, even if he decides to make an early appearance! Here’s a look at our Little Guy’s room.

Stars & Stripes – Cowboys & Indians
Family photos hang above his crib…
Along with some plaques I made to match the room.

The shelf I found on sale was a perfect fit.
Above it is his theme verse I painted on the wall.
Childhood photos of Mommy & Daddy
Love these denim bins!

Name Frames a great friend made… still needs to be hung.
The flag still needs a frame to display it properly.
Some of the cloth diapers and wipes given by friends.

Burp cloths made by friends.

I love that these fabrics are the very ones I’d picked out.
This fabric, still waiting for me to decide how I’m going to assemble it into a blanket, was a large part of the inspiration for his room.
And now…. we wait.

12 thoughts on “Countdown to Carson.

  1. Waters, Inc.

    What a neat room…so stylish and fun. You did a great job! I love the scripture on the wall, I have planned to do the same in our nursery. And the wall color is great…what color is it?

  2. Shannon

    You’d have to ask Daniel & Lindsey about the room color. They had painted it long before we moved in and I loved it, so I never repainted. 😉

  3. Hugh

    That last sentence made me almost tear up. and now…we wait. Makes me want to have another one. Presh. I am unbelievably excited for you Hazletons. And Carson’s room is unbelievable. Love it. It’s evident all the hard work you put into it.

  4. Krista

    Oh his room looks precious. Sounds like everything is ready and can’t believe how soon he will be here. If he does come on the 4th it will be the same day that my my neice and other dear friend’s son were born. So it will be easy to remember his special day. Praying for you and can’t wait to meet him!

  5. Lindsey

    LOVE his room! Can you come do our nursery some day?

    Regarding the paint color- it’s from Lowes and it’s in the textured paint section (it feels like sand paper) and there are only a few oranges in the textured/sandy paint section so it should be hard to find. Otherwise start snooping through the Hazleton’s garage- the extra is still there somewhere.


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