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Countdown to Carson.

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We are now one week away from Carson’s scheduled arrival. The past two weeks have been spent getting things ready. We still have a few little projects to tend to, but mostly we are prepared, even if he decides to make an early appearance! Here’s a look at our Little Guy’s room.

Stars & Stripes – Cowboys & Indians
Family photos hang above his crib…
Along with some plaques I made to match the room.

The shelf I found on sale was a perfect fit.
Above it is his theme verse I painted on the wall.
Childhood photos of Mommy & Daddy
Love these denim bins!

Name Frames a great friend made… still needs to be hung.
The flag still needs a frame to display it properly.
Some of the cloth diapers and wipes given by friends.

Burp cloths made by friends.

I love that these fabrics are the very ones I’d picked out.
This fabric, still waiting for me to decide how I’m going to assemble it into a blanket, was a large part of the inspiration for his room.
And now…. we wait.


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I can’t tell you how much I love this picture. Her face depicts how proud she is, posing with her artwork. Maggie has really started to love drawing people, and she quite suddenly has begun adding details she has never drawn before. By her own description, this is a mommy and daddy. Notice the eyes, noses, mouths, legs, arms and hair.
She also wrote that ‘M’ at the top. Before this, I didn’t know she could draw any letters. The next day, as she was playing with markers, I showed her how to make an ‘a’ by “drawing a circle and adding a tail.” She picked it right up. Then I said, “you can draw a ‘g’ too… you just need to draw a longer tail…” I showed her once and she happily tried it on her own.
I can’t believe how fast she’s growing.

Getting Some Vitamin D

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I noticed the last several posts have been MIY posts, so I decided today I am taking a break from MIY Monday (gasp) to share some ordinary goings-on of the Hazletons. No worries, though, we’ll resume MIY Monday again next week.
After a few weeks of freezing weather, completely uncharacteristic of SE Texas, we have been thrilled recently to get some more spring-like conditions. Time to get some vitamin D!!

I have been busy getting things organized, and getting Carson’s room finished. We have 10 days to go! Everyone keeps asking me if I’m “ready”… I don’t know if you’re ever really 100% ready – there’s always more to do. At least that’s the way it is in our family. If everything was perfect before Carson’s arrival, that would be so uncharacteristic of the Hazleton Clan!
But I AM anxious to see this little guy’s face, and hold him and introduce him to his sisters. Soon and very soon!

MIY Monday: Spring is in the Air

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Okay, maybe it’s a little early for spring. But the balmy 65 degree weather today got me downright giddy. New things are coming. Our little guy is due to arrive in just 17 days… but who’s counting?

With the sunshine, and promise of a new arrival in our home soon, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in preparations and cleaning and organizing… and with two other little people in the house, I haven’t actually accomplished all that much. But oh well.
Here is a MIY project I was working on recently that you might enjoy making for yourself or someone else as you look forward to some spring cleaning. (You still have a few months before then, if you’re not crazy like me.)
Scented Sachets
These are great to use in drawers or closets or your car. I have had so much fun making these, and they are super easy. Here are the supplies I used:
– Fabric I had on-hand
– Polyfil for stuffing (also had on-hand)
– Lavendar Essential Oil (Or you may use dried lavender, or the contents of a scented sachet packet.)
– Buttons and pieces of ribbon for decoration
I made these sachets in two different styles, and one is definitely faster and easier than the other. I like the look of both of them. I’ll show you the more difficult one first.
A More Finished Look
For this sachet, cut out pieces of fabric about the size you want your sachet. I think my pieces measured 4 ” x 5 1/2 ” before sewing, so they ended up a little smaller than that, given the seam allowance and all.
Sew right sides together on 3 sides, leaving one side open to stuff.
Turn right-side-out and use a pointed object (like this fine chopstick) to poke the inside corners and neatly shape the pillow.
All ready for stuffing!
This will make a bazillion sachets!

Stuff with fiberfil or polyfil or quilt batting, and then put 3 or 4 drops of your essential oil inside. Or you may use the contents of a scented sachet packet, which you can find near the candle aisle at Walmart, or at most gift stores or specialty stores. (Our local Vacuum City carries a great one too.)
Optional: you may wish to finish your sachet pillow and then drop the oil direction on the outside of the pillow, but be sure to try this out on the fabric first. The oil may leave a spot.
Stuff with a little more filling if necessary, and turn in the edges of the fabric. Sew the opening closed.
I continued the seam around the edge of the pillow, giving it a more finished look.
I decided to embellish my pillows with buttons and ribbon I had on-hand. But I also made some recently with bright pink and blue floral fabric, and didn’t embellish them at all. And I thought they were adorable.
Okay, here’s the Easier / Faster version:
For these, I cut the fabric half the size as the other ones I made, making them little mini-pillows. I cut the fabric using pinking shears and just sewed wrong sides together, eliminating the need to turn the fabric.
I like the rough edges of this version.

Sew three sides. Stuff. Add fragrance. Sew closed. Done. Embellish if you like. Or don’t.
Tip: If you’re making these ahead of time for a gift, store them in a plastic bag to keep the scent strong until you give them.
I made some of these for hostess gifts for some friends of mine who threw a baby shower for Carson on Saturday. It was such a fun shower, and my friend Krystal worked up a few MIY projects that were part of the shower decor, and also our personalized gift. Check out what she made! (Click HERE to see it on her own blog.)
She put together this cowboy-themed diaper cake, which is not only adorable, but completely practical!
She and her talented husband also made these frames which spell out Carson’s name. They used scrapbook paper which matched our theme, and painted the letters. I love it! These will look great on his dresser. Thank you so much, Krystal and Matt! We are so blessed.
Whew! That’s enough to keep you busy this week. Happy Monday, everyone!

MIY Monday: Recycled Organizing

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Hey, it’s Make-It-Yourself Monday again!

Here’s a quick and easy MIY project for all you who are organizing and gearing up in your planning for the new year.

I bought an Amy Knapp Family Organizer this year. I love this planner because not only does it have a To Do list right by my weekly calendar, but there is also a place to list my weekly menu on the right, and a grocery list on the left. Plus, the menu and grocery list are perforated, so you can tear them out and take them with you, if you wish. It’s a home-manager’s dream!
Well, this particular planner runs from July ’09 to December ’10. I didn’t need those first 5 months of pages, so I tore them out. Then I got a bright idea…
Instead of throwing all those pages away, I got out my scissors and a few other supplies and went to work…
I cut out the grocery list pages, and stapled them together. On the back, I stuck some magnetic strips I had on hand. (These magnet strips have a peel-and-stick side, and can easily be cut with scissors to fit your needs.)
Voila! An instant pad for the refrigerator.
Next, I trimmed the “To Do” pages and just kept them together with one of these mini clothes pins I had in my craft box. Instant notepad to keep right beside the computer.
I grabbed a few more of the mini clothes pins and cut magnet strips for them as well.
Now I have a handy way to hang photos or important memos on my fridge.
You could actually dress these up by painting them or covering them with scrapbook paper. But I was in a hurry.
There you go. Easy organizing. I hope you’re enjoying your planning for the new year. Happy Monday, everyone!

MIY Monday: Making It Personal

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There are so many things you can make yourself. Some things are functional and frugal, like making your own detergent or dust rags… some things are fun, like making play-doh or a cute bandana dress. And some things are both – like making stationary for a friend, or a crayon roll-up for a little friend’s birthday.

But my favorite things to make myself are projects which call upon the hobbies I’ve carried my whole life. Writing. Sketching. Painting. Working with wood or clay or fabric. And recently I had the opportunity to make some gifts that brought me back decades.
When I was a kid I loved my wood burner – did you ever have one of those? And I was inspired a few weeks ago to use again that tool I haven’t touched since childhood.
It was great fun.
And I think what makes these gifts special is not that I am a talented craftswoman – because I’m really not. But it’s that I’ve put some of myself into each piece.
What is it that you enjoy making? Whether it’s functional or fun – for yourself or someone else… have fun making it personal. Happy Monday, everyone!