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MIY Monday: Inspiring Wall Words

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I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! We sure did, and I’m so very grateful. Well, I have a few MIY projects I can hardly wait to share with you, but they are gifts I’m going to give in the coming days, so I can’t spill the beans here just yet…

So, I’ll show you what I’ve been working on in each of the kids’ bedrooms.
I love the Wall Words that are so popular now, which allow you to easily (or so they say) put Scripture or inspiring quotes on the walls of your home. Personally, it’s my goal to have Scripture adorning a wall in every room in our home. The Word of God is so important to us in our daily lives; I love having it in front of us as we go about our day.
However – I cannot afford to purchase Wall Words, and I do NOT have a beautiful handwriting, so I had to come up with another way to achieve my goal.
I borrowed an old overhead projector from a good friend who’s an interior designer. Then I printed the scriptures I wanted on clear transparencies and projected them onto the wall. I penciled the words, and then went back over them with craft paint – voila!
Here’s a picture of what I started in the girls’ room. Their scripture will say “May my Words and Thoughts be Pleasing to You, oh LORD.”
So there you have it. A fun Make-It-Yourself project. Happy Monday, everyone!

MIY Monday: Storytime Playset

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The Princess & the Pea
Meet the Princess.
It’s bedtime, fair maiden. Goodness, that’s a lot of mattresses you have there. I guess a princess really needs her beauty sleep.
What’s that, Dear? You still can’t sleep?
Why, someone has put a small pea underneath all your mattresses. Is that’s what’s been keeping you awake? You must be a real, genuine princess to have felt that pea under all that fluff. I think you will get to marry a prince or something.
Okay, no more pea. You can sleep now, Princess. Nighty-Night.
The Princess & The Pea
Tutorial found here.

MIY Monday: Fabric Headbands and Homemade Stockings

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This is a super easy Make-It-Yourself craft you can do on a Saturday afternoon. I made this one for our friend turning nine-years-old. This would make great birthday gifts for little girls, or even stocking stuffers for girls of all ages. Starting out with accurate head-measurements would be best.

For these two girly headbands, I used some knit fabric I had on-hand and sewed a zig-zag stitch around the hem. Then (again, using a zig-zag stitch) I closed up the headband after determining the appropriate size. I had some leftover silk flowers from my Autumn Wreath, so I removed the stem and used an all-purpose thread to hand-sew the flower and the buttons to the headband.
For the cream-colored headband, I double crocheted 3 rows and then stitched it closed using the same yarn. I used embroidery thread to attach the buttons, using smaller buttons on top of bigger buttons for variety.
Now, speaking of stocking stuffers… it quickly came to my attention that we needed to add a new stocking to our family collection. Lilly had a small, gray knitted stocking, which we’re going to pass down to Carson, so this weekend, I started this stocking for her:
Using some beautiful, soft cream fleece, I cut out a stocking shape (using another stocking as a guide) and zig-zag stitched around the edges with gold thread. Next I’m going to use a gold paint to put her name, and probably decorate with some buttons or beads or who knows what I’ll find up my craft sleeve.
I want to know what you gals are up to. I know a lot of you are making Christmas gifts…. share with us what you’re Making Yourself.
Happy Monday, everyone!

MIY Monday: Wall Makeover

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I have 5 minutes left of Monday! My day completely got away from me, so please forgive me – for most of you will be reading this on Tuesday.

So, as the clock is ticking down to midnight, let me get on to our MIY Monday project: drum roll please…
My Weekend Wall Makeover
A while back, we moved the t.v. stand / entertainment center out of our living room and made a piano the main focus of the room. The wall above it was bare, and I really wanted to put a collage of fun family pictures there.
So I collected these frames I already had around the house – most of them in storage, or not in use, since I didn’t really have anywhere to display them. I spray painted them red and put some updated family pictures in them. Some from our recent trip to the zoo, others of us at the park, or in the backyard. All of them are different sizes, and I really like that some have different textures. Jeff hung these for me, along with a wooden plaque a sweet lady made for us when we were engaged. It reads, “This is the Day the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” The plaque adds something different and unique to contrast all the red frames. You could hang your frames with wall sconces, or a mirror as well.
I also spray-painted our coffee table red, and a basket where we keep our little wooden musical instruments. I’ll post pics of those later, so you can see how the whole room comes together with just these touches of red throughout the room.
Well, there’s your MIY Monday quickie – what have all of you been up to?
Happy Monday Tuesday, everyone!

Nearly 31 Weeks

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I just realized that I am almost to an 8-week count-down until Carson’s arrival. I still have so much to do!!! In the last few days it has begun to sink in that we’re actually going to have another little one in our home – another Hazleton. Another little set of hands and feet and eyes. Another little voice to contend with the others (in due time.) Wow.

Um, we’re SO going to be outnumbered!
Here’s a recent belly-shot for those of you who’ve been asking. (Jeff was making me laugh.)

Getting Ready for Christmas

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Last year, I began researching ways I could teach my preschool aged girls about the true meaning of holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, keeping the glory and focus on Christ, and striving to move away from the secular commercialism that tends to drown Him out during this season.

I found that celebrating Advent is one way to build up an eager, Christ-focused expectation during Christmastime, but since I was ill-prepared and had never really experienced Advent, it didn’t go the way I envisioned last year.
So this year, I ordered this book:
It is a colorful, hardback book with a short reading and family activity for each day (24 days) leading up to Christmas. This evening, we will read the first page together after dinner. It tells how the angel Gabriel came to Mary and announced that she would have a baby boy, and name him Jesus. The activity is to draw or color an angel to remind us of this important event leading up to Christ’s birth.
So, I found a coloring page on the internet, scaled it down, and will use it tonight for the girls to color. I also prepared some blue card stock I had on-hand. I cut out squares, embellished the corners with special scissors, and punched a hole at the top, through which I weaved a piece of red yarn. After the girls color their angels, we will cut them out, and they can glue the angel on the blue card stock, and hang their angel ornament on the tree.
During our reading and prayer time after dinner tonight, we will also light the first Advent candle. Instead of having an Advent wreath, I just bought candlesticks and stuck them down in a planter I already had, and then stuffed some plastic greenery around them to make it festive. (There are egg-carton cups placed upside down in each planter, holding the candle in place. The first attempt – hot-glueing – didn’t work so well!! )
Teaching your children the true meaning of Christmas doesn’t require a lot of supplies or effort. It just takes a little planning ahead, and little quality time.