MIY Monday: Home Decor

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I recently attended my friend Katie’s baby shower for her little boy we’re all waiting to meet. The shower was beautiful, and each table was adorned with these adorable wooden birdhouses that someone had painted. I loved the look of it, and i immediately thought I could do this to decorate in my own home. So I marched myself right down to Jo-Ann’s and bought these little unfinished birdhouses for $1 each. I think you can still find these at Walmart as well. I’m going back to Jo-Ann’s to get some larger ones to paint too, and add to my collection.

I’m keeping them inside, on my bar in the dining room, but the light wasn’t very good today, so I put them outside for the photo… on top of this old bar stool I just painted red yesterday. The freshly painted stool gave my patio a whole new look! I also painted some things for my project in the living room, but I’ll have to show you those later.
Would you like to participate in Make-It-Yourself Monday? Tell us about something you’ve made lately. Write about it on your blog and leave us a link in the comments. I’d love more MIY Home Decor ideas!
Happy Monday!

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