Make it Yourself Monday!

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I’m up for something new and fun. So I’m declaring Mondays “Make-It-Yourself-Monday” on my blog. This is where I will showcase something I’ve made (or something YOU’ve made) and encourage others to be more crafty and creative.
Today’s featured item (drum roll please) is the set of felt “Counting Cookies” I made for a little friend’s birthday party this past weekend. I saw these online and found a great tutorial here. I thought they were such a good idea, and I had most of the supplies on-hand. So I set to work making a set for our friend and a set for my girls as well.

Maggie really took an interest in these, and when we made a trip to the local sewing store for the right-colored thread, she proudly told the clerk that we were making cookies. “But we can’t eat these cookies,” she explained.
Would you like to participate in MIY Monday? In the comments, link to a post on your blog where you tell about something you’ve made yourself. It could be sewing, cooking, crafting, or some other kind of creation. I’d love the inspiration!

5 thoughts on “Make it Yourself Monday!

  1. mel

    Quilting- Just getting back into it again~ I’m finishing a project I started with Kayla when she was 12yrs old. :) We hand cut and pieced this quilt together. However, we never got around to finishing it and quilting it off. :) Now 8 years later I’m finishing it up for her as a gift for her first baby and my first Grand baby! – There’s nothing more special than something handmade with Love!


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