A Day to Remember

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It’s September 16th. Forever burned into my memory. First, b/c it was my high school boyfriend’s birthday. (I suppose it still IS his birthday, and he’s still a friend of mine, so happy birthday, Friend.)

But now I’ll always remember this day b/c this was the due date of the sweet baby we lost in February. We thought that this week we’d be meeting another little one, welcoming him/her into the world.
I am not sad today. I am happy and blessed. I am happy that the LORD is sovereign. And blessed to be carrying another baby, due to be born in February.
About six months ago, during some prayer time, I was finally able to write about losing our baby. Just a few lines. But remembering our sweet little one today, I wanted to share them here.
You were barely here, then gone
Like the slightest refrain of a song.

A whisper, a breath, a tiny breeze.

And never will my fingers touch your earthly face –
Or ever feel the sweetest grace
of holding you that way.

And though I search for but a glimpse of who you would have been
My heart holds steady to the One you’re hidden in.

Still and quiet I remain.

8 thoughts on “A Day to Remember

  1. Teesa

    We love you guys! What a beautiful testimony of God’s grace in your life. Bill and I are sitting here wondering what God is doing in your lives and for your future. We’ll be excited to see it unfold over the next few years!

  2. Charles Ellzey

    Congradulations, I didn’t know you were pregnant again- God is good! On another note- I cant believe you remembered by birthday- I wish I had that kind of memory. I’m thinking a boy and name him David- not after me of course but after the King.

  3. Shannon

    Thanks everyone – thanks for listening.

    Charles, I know, some things just get stuck in my head… I remember Stephanie’s b-day too, and a bunch of our old phone numbers. lol.


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