16 1/2 Weeks

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I’m over 16 weeks pregnant now (praise the Lord!!) and no – no belly shot yet, sorry. But believe me, I look good and pregnant. :)
At my doctor’s appointment this morning, the girls and I heard Baby’s heartbeat at 165 bpm. Any predictions as to boy or girl? (My mom thinks BOY, Maggie thinks GIRL.) Well, we’ll find out on September 23rd – the day before my 35th birthday!!
Did I just tell my age? What’s wrong with me?!
We’re very excited and blessed. And I actually felt a few movements when the nurse was listening for the heartbeat. What a sweet feeling.

4 thoughts on “16 1/2 Weeks

  1. Jo

    Awww. I love that time! It is so exciting to just go to the doctor! I loved being pregnant and I even enjoyed labor. Of course, I had epidurals! It is all just so exciting and such a miraculous process. I am so happy for your family!!


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