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A Very Fancy Birthday Indeed!

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I’m un-fashionably late posting about Maggie’s 3rd Birthday Party! Honestly, we took so many pictures that weekend, I was dreading the job of picking out just a few pictures to share with all of you. Better late than never…
The party theme was Fancy Nancy, one of Maggie’s
favorite book characters.
All her friends dressed in their fanciest clothes –
tiaras for everyone!

Getting ready for guests to arrive

We made “Fancy Crafts”:
Sparkly book marks and photo frames

Our Artwork
Then it was time to open presents…

She had plenty of help

They immediately wanted to play with this great dollhouse by Melissa & Doug
Time for Birthday Cake!!

We were not too fancy to dig-in!

A very content birthday-girl!

Where Do We Go From Here?

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It was the shot heard around the nation. I didn’t watch (simply because we haven’t had cable for 6 months) but I definitely heard the news. Jon & Kate are splitting up.

Though we don’t watch them anymore, we can’t seem to get away from them. Some photograph of Jon or Kate (or both) stares at me every time I buy anything at the supermarket. And though I no longer watch their series, this family has been heavy on my heart for months. I have found myself awake at 3am praying for them. Last night I restlessly woke up several times, with immediate thoughts of and prayers for them.
I am not star-struck by their celebrity. I am frustrated and disappointed and sad that a couple who have portrayed themselves as faith-filled Christians before the watching nation has “dissolved” their marriage because things got hard. Because “we’re just different people now.”
I’ve only been married for (almost) 6 years, and we definitely are different people than we were on our wedding day. You roll with it. Grow with it. You don’t shrug and say “oh well, we have no choice.” But the truth is, none of us are above where Jon and Kate find themselves. That’s why marriage takes work every day.
I’m frustrated and disappointed and sad that these used-to-be-everyday-parents have bought into the illusion of the American Dream. And now they can give their children everything money could possibly buy – everything except two parents who show love and kindness and forgiveness to each other. This separation is NOT what’s best for the children. What would be best is to cut the show, get on their knees, and seek the Lord and show their children the good example of kindness, repentance, commitment, faithfulness, and utter dependence on God.
So, what now? One friend asked me last night how we should pray – what should we pray for?
I am praying that both Jon and Kate will remember the vows they made (um, twice, since they just renewed their vows on the show last year) and be struck with the reality that they DO have a choice – that they CAN choose to do the right thing; they can choose to work it out instead of walk away. Right now they are deceived by the enemy that this decision will bring “peace.”
I am praying that each of them will see the error of their ways (none of us are perfect!!) and be willing to humbly submit first to God and then to each other.
I am praying that the scales will fall off their eyes and that (Kate especially) will be faced with the truth that she must depend on God. She must relinquish control. Money will not secure her children’s future. Or hers.
I am praying they will both have the courage to forgive as Christ has forgiven us.
I am praying that they will come into agreement that it is BEST for all of them to quit the show immediately. And that they will fight to win their family back.
I am praying that TLC will have the decency, the guts, to stop it now.
I am praying for reconciliation. For victory for this family. Is it too late for God to save their marriage? Absolutely not. Not long ago I witnessed a re-marriage of some of my friends some months after they had divorced. God is in the business of reconciliation.
Finally, I am praying for God to open my own eyes to seeds of discontent in my own marriage. That He will reveal to me any way I am not patient or honest or loving towards my husband.
Pray with me, will you?
– shannon

Drum Roll Please…

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You thought I forgot, didn’t you?
Okay, well maybe I got a little busy. And maybe I was waiting to see if anyone else would enter to win. And, okay, maybe I forgot for like a day or two.
But TODAY is the DAY!
You know, where I announce the winner of our very first Give-Away.
SO, I blindly, randomly (yes, like folded pieces of paper out of a plastic container) drew a winner for our Very First Give-Away.
And, the winner is…..
TK!!!! – yes you know who you are. (Well, and so do I). So please leave a comment here and let me know which of the books you would like to own and I’ll get it to you.
[Jeff interjects as I’m writing this post: “Winner-Winner, Chicken Dinner!” No, I’m not making you a chicken dinner. Okay, well maybe if you really want one.]
And the rest of you keep coming back. Because there will be more Give-Aways in the future.
Thank you all for letting us know what you think of the website. Many of you have let us know in person or via email or on the phone. We are excited about this ministry, and even while we’re working the bugs out, it’s still our desire that others are blessed.
Okay, everyone congratulate TK. And meanwhile I’ve got a few unrelated posts to work on and publish.
See you again soon!

It’s Here!

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We are excited to announce the official kick-off of our website: 
Check it out.  We hope you like it, and find something helpful and encouraging.  Or just interesting.  In celebration, we’d like to host our very first GIVEAWAY! 
Here’s how it works.  You follow the above link to our website, and then come back here and post a comment about what you think.  We will randomly pick a name from all commenters, and the lucky blessed participant will receive their choice – one of two books:

This is a book of stories about family life and we love reading it aloud to each other.  
Can’t recommend this book enough.  It is excellent.
Okay, get your entries in before some random day in the next few days when we decide the giveaway is closed.  And if you’re feeling generous, tell your friends about it too.  Remember, you must post a comment here on this post.
Oh, and if you’re viewing the website using Internet Explorer, we realize the pages don’t quite load the way we intended.  We’re still working out the bugs.  In the mean-time, you may just want to download firefox… just a suggestion.
Have fun!  And I’ll be posting pictures of the birthday girl soon……

The Birth Of Something NEW!!

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We have an important announcement……

We are about to birth….. a website!
(Gotcha.  I know what you were thinking!)
We are excited to announce that sometime within the next 48 hours we will launch our brand new website:  
Stay tuned for the official kick-off.  We might even do a contest or giveaway or something. 
So keep checking our blog.  We’ll post as soon as we’ve published the site.
See you soon!

Little Things

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My last few hours with a borrowed camera. 
My friend Traci let me use her Nikon D50 for the birthday party, bless her!  So the kids are napping and instead of doing anything productive, I’m sucking every second I can out of this awesome camera.
Thought I’d share with you some little shots from around our home.  Enjoy!
Oh, and thanks, Traci.  I’m in love!

Happy Birthday, Maggie!

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Beautiful girl.  You’re 3 years old!  We’ve had you in our life for 1,095 days.  That doesn’t seem like a lot.  I probably have twice that many pictures of you… easy.
Who could blame me, look at that face!  It seems like I just blinked my eyes… took an afternoon nap for a little too long… 
… and in an instant you are running around, holding conversations with us… getting yourself dressed in the mornings (most days in your “pretty dress”)…
… it seems like yesterday you were so tiny and dependent.  Now quite suddenly you are big and bright… and so independent…
You talk a lot and ask lots of questions… you love people and adore spending time with your friends…
You are so much like your daddy… fearless, funny… you love making people laugh…
… you love playing in the dirt… you love to color and constantly ask me to sit beside you and color with you… you tell me about the pictures you color.
And sometimes, you are just a little like me… but you are all Maggie.  Created amazingly unique by a Heavenly Father who knew you before you were even born.  I pray most of all that you are like Him… and that you love Him.  Because He loves you… so very much.  Even more than I love you…
… and that is hard to fathom.