Monthly Archives: May 2009

The Local Jungle

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What? You’ve never visited your local jungle at Lowes Hardware Store?

Well, you should give it a try sometime.

But I’ll give you fair warning…

You will want to be ready with your camera.  (And yes, she did fix her own hair with a headband she found on the floorboard of the car as she was getting in her seat.  She decided it was a better treasure than the doll, kangaroo, toy microphone, old binki and dried out baby wipes that were scattered around it.)  Anyways, back to the jungle…

Like I said, you will want to have your camera ready…
especially if you have little girls (or boys, whatever)…
who enjoy the jungle as much as these small, curious children do.
Who like to hide in the bushes…
And giggle at Mommy.
Oh, (another “by the way”), this is an example of a typical Big Adventure that Jeff will take the girls on.  (No, we didn’t actually buy anything at Lowes… this time.)
And they, as you can tell, love it.
Maybe they don’t love the camera so much.  
Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Jeff came through his thumb surgery just fine last Friday.  It took less than 30 minutes and only one pin, which will be removed later.  He has another appointment this morning so the surgeon can see how he’s doing.
But that’s an adventure for another post.

A Lovely Day

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Have I ever mentioned what a blessing our back yard has been?  Well, it is.  I am hugely thankful for the blessing God has bestowed upon us in the form of a house with a very lovely back yard (among other great amenities I’m sure will be mentioned in other various posts.)
Let me tell you the wonderful things a back yard is good for… just to name a few:

A back yard is good for playing with bouncy balls….

And for walking barefoot in thick, lush grass…
A back yard is good for having friends and family over to cook burgers on the grill.  This particular occasion was Mother’s Day, and my sister-in-law Jana’s birthday (pictured above with Lilly.)
A back yard is good for offering a pretty view through the back patio door while you’re enjoying dinner with family.  Here’s my mother-in-law Ann (above) with our honorary sister Sondra.
And a back yard is good for playing with two sweet girls, who gave me these pretty flowers for Mother’s Day.  I hope you have a back yard to enjoy this weekend.
~ Shannon

A Bang-up Job

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so, um, there’s no delicate way to tell you this (especially typing one-handed): i broke my own silly thumb in an accident at work yesterday. and if you’re going to do something, do it well, right? let’s just say that the doctors i saw were impressed with the job i did. we think the hand surgeon will be, too, when i meet with him Friday afternoon to determine when to operate.
until then, please join us in praying for God’s grace and favor on my bum thumb, and the new wrinkles that brings to family life. my two most disappointing moments yesterday were when i realized that we’d have to cancel a family camping trip so that i could see the hand surgeon, and when Maggie asked me to help her put on some socks last night. thus began a new habit of saying, “i’m sorry Baby, i can’t; you’ll have to ask Mommy.”
hey, every day is a new adventure with us! just as i’m sure it is with you. thanks to God that His mercies are new every morning, and for His great faithfulness! (Lam. 3:22-23)