Easter in Central Texas

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Friday morning we headed out to Enchanted Rock, a park near Fredericksburg, Texas where we camped out for the weekend.  This was the girls’ first camping trip, and they had a blast.

We met up with some friends, and Jeff led a night hike while the girls and I settled into the tent for the night.  Here’s Jeff (above) the next morning preparing breakfast.  We heated water for tea and instant coffee – a special treat!
Maggie really wanted to “climb up the big rocks” so after breakfast we headed out for a hike with the girls, and really went longer and higher than I thought we would.  They loved it!

You can see Lilly (above) has her fingers in her mouth.  She’s getting ready for a nap.

Jeff and I honeymooned near Enchanted Rock, and we’ve dreamed of bringing our family back for a visit.  What a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Easter in Central Texas

  1. Teesa

    Okay, explain the weather to me. JoJo has on shorts, but you’re wearing a ski cap? Did it rain too?

    It looks like so much fun! It’s definitely proof that we can go camping some day.

    Great pics!

  2. Katie King

    What a great trip! I love to camp. Michael and I went to Enchanted Rock in November when we went to Fredericksburg. We loved it! Your girls are growing up!

  3. Jo

    So Fun!! What great pictures! We are planning something like that soon. You have given me the confidence that it is possible!! : )

  4. Shannon

    Teesa – it was cold that morning, so Jeff gave me his hat. Then it did warm up a little, but I didn’t want hat hair, so I left it on. And well, Jeff is much more comfortable in cold weather than I am so it could have been 40 degrees and he still wouldn’t mind wearing shorts.

    And yes, everyone – there is hope for taking your young kids camping. They love to be outside!

  5. Krista

    Wow, it is beautiful there. What a fun way to spend the weekend and what a precious family you have. How are you feeling? I’m praying for you and hope all is well. Love you! K

  6. jessica

    so much fun! i thought about you guys…we drove past enchanted rock that next monday, but you were gone by then. it was great to see you a few weeks ago as well; your girls are adorable!


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