Monthly Archives: April 2009

Easter in Central Texas

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Friday morning we headed out to Enchanted Rock, a park near Fredericksburg, Texas where we camped out for the weekend.  This was the girls’ first camping trip, and they had a blast.

We met up with some friends, and Jeff led a night hike while the girls and I settled into the tent for the night.  Here’s Jeff (above) the next morning preparing breakfast.  We heated water for tea and instant coffee – a special treat!
Maggie really wanted to “climb up the big rocks” so after breakfast we headed out for a hike with the girls, and really went longer and higher than I thought we would.  They loved it!

You can see Lilly (above) has her fingers in her mouth.  She’s getting ready for a nap.

Jeff and I honeymooned near Enchanted Rock, and we’ve dreamed of bringing our family back for a visit.  What a great weekend!