It’s Time….

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…for a new post!

First of all, thank you – all of you – for your kind words, your prayers, your encouragement, and awesome meals.  We have felt nothing but God’s peace and have been strengthened by Him through the Word and through YOU.

I didn’t feel like blogging for a while, but now I’m back.  I should say “we”, but I really am the primary blogger here, though Jeff is much funnier.  You should encourage him to write more.

I have so much to catch you up on, but I’ve got to get my pictures uploaded and organized.  So for today, let’s have a fun activity.

I read about this on Beth Moore’s blog, and found it intriguing.  Here’s the activity:

Sum up your life in Six Words.  Here’s one of my favorite examples:

“For Sale: baby shoes, never worn” -Ernest Hemingway

Isn’t there so much wrapped up in those words? And here are two I have written for myself:

“Loved and Lost and Loved Again.”


“Redeemed to Live Her Greatest Day.”

Okay, now it’s your turn.  Think about it and leave your responses in the comments.  I can’t wait to read these!  And before you go, here’s a picture to reward you for your participation.

This was my Valentine’s Day card from Jeff.  This inside says, “love is in the air”.  I can’t tell you how much this kind of humor is a reflection of the Hazleton Household!

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