Fun in a Box

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You know you’re a mom of toddlers or preschoolers when you’r
e driving down the road, and upon seeing a large cardboard box someone has thrown out, you seriously think about stopping and picking it up.
That really happened to me.  I decided not to get the box on the side of the road, but there is never a shortage of them around our house.  And we always get some good playtime out of them.
Here’s what I found when I walked around the corner last week:

I will never regret having my children so close together.

7 thoughts on “Fun in a Box

  1. Teesa

    I love Maggie’s long hair! She looks so feminine. Your kiddos sure are cute. We had fun box time last week – but we, in true boy fashion, made our box into a car with a steering wheel and a door. He loves empty boxes too. Oh, and we made your shoebox garage too. Also a favorite.

  2. Jo

    They are so cute!! I loved these pictures! I have no regrets about having mine so close in age either. They are the best of friends!

  3. Lindsey

    Wow Maggie’s hair is getting so long! I was going to comment before I even noticed Teesa said anything about it! : ) Beautiful! Box time looks fun!


    JEFF!!! Your children are SO adorable!!! I JUST thought of you last night because I made a monkey face in a picture and I thought of the time we all had to go find your wallet at 6 Flags and the lost and found people asked you to identify it and you made that face because it was on your license!! How have you BEEN old friend??


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