An Early Departure

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….and then there were four.

Today we had closure on a tough week for the Hazletons. Shannon’s doctor confirmed what we already suspected: she has indeed had a miscarriage, and the newest Hazleton will not be making an appearance in this lifetime.

Last weekend, Shannon didn’t feel just right, and after talking with some good friends we decided to call her doctor. An appointment was scheduled for Monday, and that’s when we learned that the pregnancy did not seem to be as far along as it should. Over the course of the next few days certain tests were run that would confirm or rule out a miscarriage. Today we received the news: our baby is no longer with us.

Of course we are sad and broken about this, but we are so blessed to be in the hands of a Healer Who can (and does!) mend any hurt in life that we allow Him to. Please join us in saying, “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the Name of the Lord.”

As I have tried to listen for His voice in this moment, God has reminded me that children are a gift from Him (Ps. 127:3). He showed me that some gifts are long lasting (like a wedding band) and others, though beautiful and breathtaking, are temporary (like Valentines flowers). So it was with our baby. Although with us for a short time, our baby was a true gift and blessing which we enjoyed in the brief time we had together.

How blessed we are to have a strong refuge in difficult days like these! Miscarriages do not take God by surprise, and in fact they are a part of His plan for this world. Though we don’t understand how this is, we take comfort in the fact that we don’t have to. Please join us in praying that He will strengthen us and increase our faith as we look to Him for help for today and hope for tomorrow.

When our girls fall down or bump their head on something or drop something on their toes, etc. (a regular occurrence, actually), they know they can run to Mommy and Daddy, and we will love on them and help take the pain away. It has felt a lot like that this week in our home. We know that Our Father loves us perfectly, and that is taking the pain of our loss away.

One last note: My wife is amazing. She has been steadfast and peaceful throughout this whole thing, and she is just inspiring. If you see her or talk to her, don’t feel like you need to dote on her – that makes her feel a little awkward. Just let her know that you love her, and that will be a wonderful way to minister to her in this moment.

9 thoughts on “An Early Departure

  1. Krista

    I am so heartbroken with you and praying for you guys during this time. Jeff wrote such a sweet tribute and I would be honored to pray with you “Blessed be His Name” – even in the hard times. I will also be praying for your healing and a peace that passes all understanding. . .

    Much love,

  2. Jo

    You have had many of my thoughts and prayers this week. I know God will continue to be your strength and encouragement in this difficult moment. You are an amazing woman of God.

  3. AV

    We are praying for you guys today and in the days ahead. I miscarried in the winter of 2005 and can relate to your prayer to the God who gives and the God who takes away. Blessed is His name as His healing hands carry you through this loss.


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