Cute Shoes!!

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If you have babies or toddlers, chick this out. I regularly visit for loads of inspiration, recipes, etc. It was here I learned about these uber cute shoes at Bugaloo Kids, which are only $15 a pair! The leading brand is oh, I don’t know, twice that much?! Anytime someone tries to make things affordable, it really makes me want to support them.

Plus Heidi, the designer, donates 5% of her profits to the International Justice Mission.

There are tons to choose from for boys and girls, and if you purchase 3 pair or more, the shipping is free, even internationally. Heidi is also giving away a pair of these shoes. To participate in the giveaway, visit the passionatehomemaking blog here, and to browse through the shoes, visit here.

We personally love these and I can’t wait to order some. Even if you’re not interested in the shoe, do check out the passionate homemaking site. It’s definitely worth your time.

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