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Cute Shoes!!

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If you have babies or toddlers, chick this out. I regularly visit for loads of inspiration, recipes, etc. It was here I learned about these uber cute shoes at Bugaloo Kids, which are only $15 a pair! The leading brand is oh, I don’t know, twice that much?! Anytime someone tries to make things affordable, it really makes me want to support them.

Plus Heidi, the designer, donates 5% of her profits to the International Justice Mission.

There are tons to choose from for boys and girls, and if you purchase 3 pair or more, the shipping is free, even internationally. Heidi is also giving away a pair of these shoes. To participate in the giveaway, visit the passionatehomemaking blog here, and to browse through the shoes, visit here.

We personally love these and I can’t wait to order some. Even if you’re not interested in the shoe, do check out the passionate homemaking site. It’s definitely worth your time.

Play Day

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Ah, it’s Monday afternoon. We are settling into our house. I say “our house” but we are not the owners. We’re renting from our friends Daniel & Lindsey, to whom we said tearful goodbyes this weekend as they loaded up their Penske moving truck and drove off into the sunset. Actually, the sun wasn’t due to set for several more hours, but they were driving west.

It as been a busy, hectic few weeks. And yesterday, after Jeff’s birthday dinner at Carraba’s (his birthday is tomorrow), we tucked the kids into bed and collapsed.

Today, the house is really a mess, showing the wear of a simultaneous move-out and move-in. But the house gets ignored today. It’s play day.

I am deliberately putting off the cleaning/unpacking/organizing/moving around furniture/cleaning for one more day so that I can just love on my girls. They have been amazing troopers during this whole transition. I felt they needed some special attention today.

So we started off with re-heated 7-grain banana pancakes (thank you, Lindsey) for breakfast. Then, after getting dressed, we played in the backyard. First, I had to clean up several piles of house-warming gift left behind (thanks, Buddy! :) ) Then, we were free to frolic.

The girls picked flowers from the garden while I raked up leaves and debris. Then I abandoned that chore (it’s play day afterall) to retrieve my camera and capture moments. Maggie, somewhere among the clutter in our house, found a small gift bag that she calls, “my new purse.” So she began filling it with flowers. Lilly was interested mostly in trying to climb over the timber, and INTO the garden – maybe to get a closer look at the roly-polys that were creeping around in there.

After playing outside, we hopped into the car and went to Toys-R-Us with a $20 bill Jeff handed to me last night. He bought the girls a ball-pit tent at Academy, using the rest of his gift card from last year’s birthday, and we decided this ball pit just didn’t have enough balls in it. So off to the store we went to purchase 200 more balls!!! Maggie was thrilled about this. We also stopped and played at the Thomas the Train table, which she loves. Curious that she has no trains of her own yet.

We then had a fun and sticky lunch at Chic Fil-A, dipping our chicken pieces into honey, and enjoying a nice, refreshing fruit cup.

We’re back home and the girls are napping. I’m enjoying a nice cup of tea, and about to read. Then once they’re up we’ll have a snack, fill up the ball-pit, play some more in the back yard, and cook dinner for Daddy, and color a Happy Birthday Sign for him.

Play Days are fun – you should have one too!
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