Last Threads of Summer

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A few days ago, Maggie picked out this dress to wear. (Lilly has a matching one.) I put it on her, and she was thrilled. I love these dresses on the girls, and realizing that they won’t be fitting into them next summer, I pulled out the camera to capture a few shots.

Maggie specifically loves it because there are little pockets on the front, which she insists on stuffing her hands into. She likes anything with pockets, and it’s super cute to catch her standing with her hands in her jeans pockets – just like her daddy.

This morning, it’s a crisp 54 degrees outside, and there’s a gentle, cool breeze coming in our patio door. (And making my patio rocking chair creak back and forth.) We are still packing boxes, getting ready for our move in 9 days. So I’ll pack up the summer dresses, with a sigh – knowing they’ll seem tiny next year.

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