I Got Me a Workin’ Man

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I don’t know why but for some reason the song “YMCA” is running through my head. Maybe it’s my husband’s incessant tendencies towards silly poses any time the camera comes out.

Well anyway, here’s some shots I took of Jeff yesterday morning on his way to work. I think he’s awfully cute. I’ve always loved uniforms on people – I even liked my school uniform.

And let me tell you I am SO happy about these work uniforms Jeff just got this week. He truly works a dirty job. And his clothes can testify to this at the end of the day. Before uniforms, he was wearing jeans and old t-shirts, and I was washing them 2-3 times and they STILL smelled dirty when he put them on in the mornings. Shew! I’m glad to have THAT dirty laundry off my hands!

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