The Great Escape

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Saturdays are family days, and we had a full morning – including some scenic driving, window shopping and meeting Granna at Rao’s for lunch.  So this afternoon, we decided to put the girls down for their nap, and relax together on the couch to watch a video we had rented.  

Maggie was in rare form, and had to be disciplined a few times because instead of laying down to sleep, she was either wailing, jumping up and down, throwing things out of her crib, etc.  and thus keeping Lilly from sleeping as well.  As we settled into the movie, we thought things had finally quieted down in their room.  Then suddenly, before we even knew what was happening, Maggie came barreling into the living room with such speed and giggling with such excitement that she fell and literally rolled to a stop in cartoon fashion.  She was completely delighted with herself.  And I have to tell you, we were impressed as well.  It took just a few seconds for our shock to subside, and then we had to compose ourselves, because we both wanted to burst out into laughter.
Maggie was then disciplined again, and put back into her crib.  We stood just outside the door, and witnessed her climbing out of the crib – again!  This time Jeff caught  her in mid-escape, and popped her on the bottom.  Finally, she gave way to sleep, and we enjoyed our afternoon movie – checking on Maggie several times, just in case.
I can’t believe she has learned how to climb out of her crib!  And it’s without the help of any nearby furniture.  So we are facing the question – what now?  We kept her in a crib instead of moving her to a toddler bed because both girls share a room, and we didn’t want Maggie trying to climb into Lilly’s crib in the middle of the night.  But now I’m wondering if climbing out of a toddler bed would be better than falling out of a crib.  
What do all of you think?  We need some advice!

14 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. Corrie

    Oh the joys of having a 2 year old! I can see it in my mind how proud she must have been! OK So my thought (granted not an experienced one) would be to put her in a toddler bed, maybe she only knows how to get out of the crib and not back in, so she won’t be able to get into Lilly’s crib. But then again, she will be able to escape easier and make it to Lilly to distract her. OH the dilema! Good luck, keep posting the stories, they make my day brighter! Love you!

  2. Mel

    Toddler bed, it’s one of those next steps. Maybe you will be surprised that she may actually stay in her new bed for the very fact that she has the Big Girl Bed! :)

    I LOL when I read your story. Justin was our Master Houdini.

    Did you enjoy your movie?


  3. The Lynds

    With having an infant and a two year old myself, I must say I have been down this road;however we managed (I’m not sure how) to skip the climbing out of the crib part. I know it stinks to think of moving her from something that once seemed so secure, but knowing Maggie, she will probably love her toddler bed. and they sell reasonable and cute ones at Wal-Mart.

  4. Hollie

    Hands down: Toddler Bed. If it were Laney climbing out, which I’m sure isn’t too far down the road as she is QUITE THE CLIMBING MONKEY, I’d get a toddler bed. I agree with Corrie. She might not know how to get in Lily’s crib. Have you thought about a video monitor. I was content with registering for a normal monitor until I began thinking about Laney in a toddler bed with the door closed. Hmm…..kind of a scary thought to me. But like mel said…it’s the next step. You tried your best to keep her in there for as long as you could and well, she has proven that she’s in need of another bed. I giggled so hard at your story…and kept a smile from ear to ear as I finished the post. I would have paid money to have seen your faces. LOL!! But…I remember watching Jon and Kate plus eight and half the kids climbed out and the other half didn’t,..all sharing a room. the ones that climbed out and went downstairs had to go back up and stay in their crib, while the other ones got to do something special. Not that their way of handling is the answer to all of our problems, but just that it came to mind upon reading your story.

    Hmm… P.S. I love you. Is that a scary movie? I think I remember seeing the cover to it and it freaked me out. I cant’ do scary movies AT ALL. I can’t even watch CSI. I used to go into the other room and close the door b/c I just can’t watch those kinds of shows.

    Anyways…closing out the longest comment EVA.

  5. Hollie

    Oh..and some of my friends here who have older children use those nice baby gates from One Step Ahead that are metal and have a swinging door. They kept the door open, but had a baby gate on their door so they would have to stay in their room and “play” or go to time out or whatever the situation was. I thought that was a good idea.

  6. TK

    Sounds like you’ve gotten some really good advice so far. Been there, done that! My vote is the toddler bed. You may have to handle some getting-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night issues at first but that is part of your child growing up! Either way it will be fine and she’s going to continue to be a happy, healthy, and strong little girl!

  7. Teesa and Bill

    Who deleted all those comments? That’s why I started moderating mine.

    We’re moving to a twin bed with a railing as soon as we get into the new house. I’ve heard a lot of good things about toddler beds though. We’ve got the gate Hollie mentioned – and we’ll put it at his door that same way. BUT, limit the toys in his room. Maybe that would help too? But, with Lilly in there – I’m not sure.

    Definitely get her out of the crib. She could really hurt herself! I know Sam isn’t far behind – but it’s harder to climb out of a pack-n-play!

  8. Anonymous

    Hey guys,
    Be sure and tell Maggie after she has her new bed not to get up in the middle of the night and go lay by her mom and dads bed, like her dad did @ that age, she may get “trampled”.


  9. Krista

    I’m with everyone else – put her in a bed. I’m interested to see what kind of bed you choose. Lydia is trying to climb out of her crib but since it’s a little bigger (and deeper) dimensions than cribs in the states I’m hoping it will still be a little while :). However, we just have a twin bed in her room – no toddler bed. We’d have to have that made. We’ve really been thinking of putting her in the big girl bed and she can climb in and out, but I’m afraid she will fall out at night. . .

    Can’t wait to hear what you do!

  10. Shannon

    Okay…. drum roll please….

    We’re putting her in a toddler bed. The opinions (even via email) were unanimous. Thank you all for telling us what you think.

    Her crib converts to a toddler bed, but without a rail. So we’ll see how that goes. I guess some blankets on the floor will soften the fall if she rolls out.

    I think she’ll be excited about it. We’ll post pictures when we do it, probably Thursday night. (Wednesday nights are busy with church.)


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