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The Great Escape

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Saturdays are family days, and we had a full morning – including some scenic driving, window shopping and meeting Granna at Rao’s for lunch.  So this afternoon, we decided to put the girls down for their nap, and relax together on the couch to watch a video we had rented.  

Maggie was in rare form, and had to be disciplined a few times because instead of laying down to sleep, she was either wailing, jumping up and down, throwing things out of her crib, etc.  and thus keeping Lilly from sleeping as well.  As we settled into the movie, we thought things had finally quieted down in their room.  Then suddenly, before we even knew what was happening, Maggie came barreling into the living room with such speed and giggling with such excitement that she fell and literally rolled to a stop in cartoon fashion.  She was completely delighted with herself.  And I have to tell you, we were impressed as well.  It took just a few seconds for our shock to subside, and then we had to compose ourselves, because we both wanted to burst out into laughter.
Maggie was then disciplined again, and put back into her crib.  We stood just outside the door, and witnessed her climbing out of the crib – again!  This time Jeff caught  her in mid-escape, and popped her on the bottom.  Finally, she gave way to sleep, and we enjoyed our afternoon movie – checking on Maggie several times, just in case.
I can’t believe she has learned how to climb out of her crib!  And it’s without the help of any nearby furniture.  So we are facing the question – what now?  We kept her in a crib instead of moving her to a toddler bed because both girls share a room, and we didn’t want Maggie trying to climb into Lilly’s crib in the middle of the night.  But now I’m wondering if climbing out of a toddler bed would be better than falling out of a crib.  
What do all of you think?  We need some advice!


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Yesterday, June 22, was the anniversary of the day Jeff and I met. For some of you who may not know, we met in China. My friend and I were visiting on a 2-week trip, and Jeff had just moved to the city. That day, he took my friend and me to see the beautiful glacier in the city where we lived there. It was a long, hard walk to the top, and after we caught our breath and realized that we weren’t actually going to catch a glimpse of the glacier, due to the massive fog, Jeff opened up his backpack and gave us each a Snicker’s bar and a mini can of Pringles, explaining that we’d need an energy boost because of how hard we had just worked our bodies.

Glacier at Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

After showing us around town, we ate at a local “restaurant” called “La Mu’s”, where we had chocolate-banana milkshakes for dessert. Well, as close as you can get to chocolate-banana milkshakes.

Where I slept in China (my dorm room.)
The kind of places Jeff slept in China

Can you believe they got paid for this job?
Enjoying milkshakes at Lamu’s about 1 month before we got married

So, in honor of that special day 7 years ago, I made fried rice for supper tonight, and chocolate-banana milkshakes for dessert. And for Jeff’s lunch tomorrow, I packed a Snicker’s bar, and some pizza-flavored Pringles. :) It’s the little things.

Jeff enjoying his fried rice

Just FYI, it’s bad manners to leave your chopsticks like this

And just so this post isn’t completely about the past, one more milestone. Tonight, we finally moved Lilly’s crib out of our bedroom. (She’s 9 1/2 months old, for the record.) Both girls have been sleeping soundly in the same bedroom for 3 hours now (at the time I’m writing this.) And in place of the crib, we moved the rocker into our bedroom. I think it’s going to make a nice quiet-time nook.
Jeff trying to have some worship while his wife captures the moment

What wonderful milestones. The Lord has been really good to us!


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This is what I love about childhood.

We went blueberry picking again today, and I know I just posted about blueberry picking (read more in our earlier post.) But when I caught this on camera, I just had to share it with all of you.

Maggie had a bucket in one hand, and her cup of water in the other. So what else was a girl to do? It was too funny, although she couldn’t understand what we were all giggling about. Don’t you love it?


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Remember when we used to wear big bows in our hair? I do still see a lot of huge (and often ridiculous) bows for children.

Well, we were at a baby shower for our friend Treasure last weekend, and as everyone was cleaning up afterwards, Maggie found this bow made of tulle and ribbon and someone put it on her head. She was thrilled! She really is the best of both worlds. She loves babies and bows and pretty dresses. (The best is when I’m getting dressed on Sunday mornings and she says “ooh, mommy pretty!) But she also loves puppies and grass and running barefoot outside. I love my girls!

Summer Fun

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Blueberries and the spray park.

These are two things we’ve been enjoying lately here in hot southeast Texas. The spray park just opened the day of Maggie’s birthday party, and this past Sunday, we took our sandwiches I’d prepared for supper and ate them at the park. The we took the girls over to the spray area, where a dozen or so other families were enjoying a refreshing break on a hot Sunday evening. Children were running around squealing; dads were holding their kids under plastic palm trees. The coconuts filled with water and sporadically spilled over to everyone underneath. Maggie was thrilled, and ran around from one sprinkler to sprayer, squealing, and voluntarily sticking her face in the water. It was so fun to watch . I’ll have to take pictures next time. I was pretty leary about taking my new camera near the water! But here are a few shots of the afternoon.

Swimsuit Model
My Gorgeous Family

This morning, we got up early, picked up our friend Lindsey, stopped for some McDonald’s coffee (just for the adults), and headed north to a blueberry-picking farm.

Griffin Berry Farm is not yet certified organic, but uses organic methods in their farming. And the results – yummy, fresh, juicy blueberries. It was Maggie’s first time to pick, and she was quite good at it. Her method was one for the bucket, one for me! :) She ate so many her teeth were blue. The farm is family-owned, and it’s a great place for picnicking too.

Picking Blueberries

It was hot, even in the shade at 10am. But it was so fun, and so worth it.

Beautiful Blues!

I am really looking forward to next year, when Lilly can pick them too.

I want Blueberries!

Happy Birthday, Mags!

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Sunday, Maggie turned 2-years-old. I now understand what people mean when they say it goes by really fast. I can’t believe how big she’s gotten, so quickly. In many ways, she is so grown up, and it’s been a fascinating journey – from sweet, tiny, curled up baby to bright, inquisitive, joy-filled little lady – and witnessing every day in between.

Here are a few pics of our fun-filled day on Saturday:
(Click on the pictures for a clearer image.)

Before heading to the park for our party, Jeff put Maggie’s tricycle outside, where she would find it. She doesn’t quite know what to do with it yet, but she loves being pushed down the sidewalk.

Maggie loves monkeys, so what better way to celebrate? Mom and I were up late making these the night before.

Mags about to have her first “official” chocolate. (We’ll pretend we didn’t know about the chocolate candy bar she quietly broke into.)

I love this picture of her trying to look the monkey in the eyes as she eats his face!

This is as close as Lilly got to any of the sweets. She did enjoy a mashed banana later.

She looks like such a big girl here, with her new watch and her new pretty necklace (she wanted to put them on right away.)

And I LOVE this picture. This is our friend Liam, and he loves trains. he brought his trains to the party, and in this picture he’s telling her the names of each train. She is listening intently, probably because she loves trains too. It was a super sweet moment I was glad to catch on camera.

A lot has changed in a year… just look at Maggie here on her birthday one year ago!

We love you, Maggie. And we thank God for our Terrific Two-year-old!!