Monthly Archives: April 2008

The Circus!

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Last Tuesday evening, we took the girls to the circus. Jeff’s mom helped me get them there, and Jeff met us there after he got off work. (It was Jeff and his mom’s first time to the circus, too!) It was hot inside the big top, but so worth it to see Maggie having such a good time. (Okay, we adults may have been a bit enthralled as well.)

[Notice that we’re all sweating!]

We have taught Maggie about animals since she was really small, so she can recognize them, and make all the noises for tons of animals, even dolphins and giraffes! :)

When she was watching the ponies dance, she kept neighing non-stop in excitement. And when we watched the flying trapeze (my personal favorite), she was trying to wriggle off my lap, and was pointing to the trapeze saying, “swing, swing!” (Uh, NO – you can’t swing on that!)

There was a place outside where you could feed the animals and ride the elephants. Maggie pushed on the gate with all her might, trying to get to the elephant. And she giggled when the animals ate out of her hands.

I am so glad we decided to take them; it was so much fun; we will definitely do it again.

See you later!

Big Girl at Breakfast

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This morning, Maggie woke up, tee-tee’d in the potty, and (with Mommy’s help) put on her big-girl panties. Then, she saw her “Easter” hat on the floor in her room, and put it on. Then she saw her bunny slippers and brought them to me to put on her.

A few minutes later, I was cutting up pear for her in the kitchen, when I heard her bumping around in our living room / dining area. I asked what she was doing, and she said, “(jibberish).. CHAIR.. (jibberish)… EAT!” I peeked around the wall and found her sitting in her seat, waiting for breakfast. What a big girl she is.

And this is what Lilly was doing during breakfast. She is rolling all over the place, and putting everything in her mouth. On Friday, she found some Play doh Maggie had left out for her, (which I didn’t know about), and I found her with a mouth full of royal blue play doh. I spent a good 15 minutes mildly freaking out and pulling the mushy stuff from the roof of her mouth.

Another Weekend Enjoying Springtime

My parents came in this weekend for a visit, and we took them to a nearby park to enjoy some scenery. Maggie liked touching the flowers and walking over small bridges in the “Japanese Garden” area.