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Love on Jojo Day

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Many of you know Jeff as “Jojo”. It was a nickname he acquired in China. Jeff is always doing amazingly thoughtful things for people. Last night was no exception.

I was thoroughly frustrated with my can-opener, as usual. It worked fine for 4 years, but recently has started giving me problems, tearing up the tops of cans, and making it such a pain to open them. Last night, while fighting with a can of beans, I ended up with bean juice ON MY FACE. I’m not kidding. How do these things happen?

I’ve been wanting to order a Pampered Chef can-opener, but just haven’t done it, for one reason or another. Last night, I announced that the can of beans was the last can I was opening with that can-opener, and then I was going to throw it in the garbage can!!

Jeff helped finish dinner, while I nursed Lilly. Then he helped feed Maggie while I held Lilly on my lap and ate my own beans and rice. Later, as he was helping in the kitchen, he decided to make a quick run to Walmart to get some things we needed.

He is a HELPER – this is what he does!

I relaxed, and got ready for bed. I was changing Lilly into her night clothes when Jeff walked in from the store. He walked over to the couch, where I was sitting, with his hands behind his back. “Pick a hand”, he said. Then he revealed the prize – a new can-opener!! It was the kind that works on TOP of the can – just like the Pampered Chef style!! I had a HUGE grin on my face, from ear to ear.

THEN he disappeared into the kitchen, and came back with a box of chocolate-covered cherries!! My FAVORITE Christmastime treat! He is sooo thoughtful and sweet!

SO – I’m declaring it Love On Jojo Day. Post your replies here and let Jeff know how he’s helped you or made your day in some way. I want to make him feel extra special today! He makes ME feel that way everyday.

Thanks, Baby! You’re the best!

Little People Big World

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No, I’m not writing about dwarfs, or a reality series on The Learning Channel. This is about the little people who live in my house, and the big world they like to explore.

This is how the little people start their day….

Lilly wakes up to nurse, and then sometimes lays in Mommy & Daddy’s great big bed for a little while, before she goes to the living room.

Maggie wakes up early, and leisurely finishes a bottle of milk while watching “Peep and the Big Wide World.” (A lovely cartoon on the Learning Channel about a chick named Peep and his two friends Chirp and Quack – and all their adventures.)

Within about 15 minutes, Maggie is busy playing.

Our friend Shelby decided she wanted to give her kitchen set to Maggie, since she’s older now. And Maggie just loves it. This is the deluxe of kitchens! The stove sizzles when you put the skillet on it – bubbles when you set down the pot. Both the oven and the microwave make noises and “ding!” Maggie likes to say, “It’s done!” when the microwave dings.

“Did you say medium well, Dad?”

The morning is filled with breakfast and diaper changes for both girls.

Here’s Lilly with her cozy wool bottoms. We’ve got both girls in cloth diapers now, and wool is a wonderful natural diaper cover – absorbs moisture, warm in the winter, cool in the summer.

Maggie usually likes to help with Lilly’s diaper changes, and ends up loving on her in the process. Don’t worry about Maggie’s head being too heavy. Lilly is a sturdy girl, with abs of steel!

Maggie’s most favorite thing in the whole wide universe and world (Charlie and Lola, anyone?) is playing outside.

Here she is this morning, waiting for me to strap Lilly into the stroller.

This is how Lilly enjoys our outdoor stroll. It’s pretty chilly here. In the 30’s last night!!!!

Finally! Let’s go for a walk! Maggie enjoyed the swing, climbing on the picnic tables, and falling in the grass. She tripped over tree roots and stomped on leaves she found on the sidewalk to make them go crunch! She also collected little rocks along the way, and carried them in her tight little fists until we went back inside for grilled cheese sandwiches.

Wave to your shadow, Maggie!

Outside makes me soooo happy!

Bonus: This was Maggie last night after bathtime. I grabbed on the her binky with my teeth and pulled it out of her mouth.

She roared with laughter and used her teeth to grab it back from me. So fun. These two beautiful girls have lots of big wide world to explore!