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Celebrating Autumn

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Hey Everybody!

Here in southeast Texas, it’s been in the 90’s with high humidity… until this week!! Thanks to a front blowing through from the northwest, we’ve been enjoying the crisp, rejuvenating cool weather that should accompany this time of year.

In order to celebrate, I made chili last night, which is always a favorite in our family. And yesterday, Maggie helped me pick out 2 small pumpkins, which she thought were orange balls. This morning, as she was having a snack, she wanted to have the pumpkins on her tray as she ate.

You can see how excited she was about her pumpkins.

After her nap, I took her outside and attempted to get a nice picture, but she rarely sits still these days, so this is the only one that came out.

Maggie loves to crawl into things. She is constantly taking things out of their nesting places and then crawling into the space. She does this with her toy chest, with cabinets, and last night, she emptied her book bucket. With all the emptying, you can imagine how difficult it is to keep the house tidy. The next thing we’re going to teach her is how to pick up her toys!

Maggie isn’t the only one keeping me busy these days! Lilly still sleeps a lot, but right around 4pm every evening, she comes alive, and wants attention. Last night she started smiling and cooing at me. It melted my heart!

It always seems like the two of them are needy and clingy at the same exact time. I’ll start changing Maggie’s diaper, and Lilly will wake up and start crying to be held or eat. Or I’ll sit down to nurse Lilly, and Maggie will want juice, or start getting into things she isn’t supposed to. I think they are conspiring together!

Currently, I’m trying to write this blog, and Maggie is screaming at the top of her lungs because she wants to crawl up in the chair with me, which is another new thing. She is climbing on everything!

For those of you who read the earlier “Dirty Jobs” post, Maggie is still suffering from a terrible virus that has been going around. It’s been a solid week now, and we are still up to our knees in runny diapers! We’ve been to the dr. twice, and it seems this virus is really taking a while to work it’s way out in most children who have it. So we certainly appreciate your prayers for our girls to be well and healthy!

As for Jeff and me, we just need some sleep! Moments like these (below) are coveted times in our family these days!

Dirty Jobs

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Warning: This post is not for the faint-of-heart or the weak-of-stomach.

Lilly started it.

I was sitting on the couch, holding her. I think it was Thursday. My days are running together now (that was a pun that you’ll understand in a few minutes). Suddenly, she let out a loud, rumbly, runny toot that instantly spewed out all over me, as if she were wearing no diaper at all.

Now, in case you are not familiar with the kind of poop a breast-fed baby produces, imagine a runny, mustard-colored, warm substance with smaller, cottage-cheese-like particles throughout. This is what had squirted into my lap, and was also – unbelievably – running down my right shin and my left ankle. This kind of poop moves fast, so I had to lay Lilly down in her Boppy, which was next to me on the couch, and run to the bathroom to rinse off so I wouldn’t spread the mess. While I did this, I had to distract Maggie so she wouldn’t try to “help” Lilly, and end up playing in poop.

Next, I had to retrieve Lilly from the yellow pile on the couch, bathe her (again, while distracting Maggie), wash off the (thankfully leather) couch, and throw the Boppy and surrounding casualties (blanket, burpcloth, etc.) in the wash.

All the while, I was laughing at the entire fiasco. AND making a mental note not to use those Huggies diapers again.

(I know Huggies is GREAT for some babies, but my girls have never had success with them.)

Fast-forward to about 11pm Thursday night. Jeff and I had just settled Lilly down in her bassinet, and had nestled into our bed for a much-needed night’s sleep. Jeff mentioned that when he looked in on Maggie, there was a funny smell in her room. We both got up to go check on her, and discovered a HUGE pile of VOMIT in her bed!!

Instantly we went to work. Jeff pulled the garbage can, paper towels, and Clorox wipes into her room, and started cleaning her up, while I changed the sheet and wiped down the bed.

Guys, you can NOT imagine the magnitude of this spew. It started at the top of her headboard and went all the way down (between the mattress and board) to the floor underneath her crib. I couldn’t believe the mess.

Finally, around midnight, we settled back into bed.

3:00 am. I am up nursing Lilly, and I hear Maggie stirring, and then I hear a suspicious “cough”. I wake Jeff up to go check on her. Sure enough, she has vomited again. We repeat the process mentioned above, only this time I have to run back and forth between Maggie’s room (cleaning), and our bedroom (pacifier back in crying-baby’s mouth), squirting hand-sanitizer every time so I don’t transfer germs from Maggie’s crib go Lilly’s binky.

5:30 am. Jeff is up with Maggie, who is fussing. This time, it’s diarrhea, and it’s all over the bedsheet. Again, we repeat the above process.

6:30 am. I’ve been sleeping about 45 minutes, and Jeff wakes me up to get ready – we need to be at the dr.’s office at 8:00 am. And yes, it takes THAT long to get us all out the door in time.

Okay, so now it’s Monday, and we are still dealing with runny diapers. The past 4 days I’ve felt like I can’t get away from the poop! This horrible virus is apparently going around the area, and the diarrhea can last up to 5 days or more!

So, Jeff loves this television show called “Dirty Jobs”, where the host, Mike Rowe visits job sights all over the nation where the job is less-than-desirable. Well, this week, I’d consider being a Mom a very “Dirty Job.” I wonder if we could get Mike Rowe to baby sit for a while.

Hope your week is squeaky clean!

I Believe I Orderd the Extra Large Newborn

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So, Friday was Lilly’s 3-week birthday. I took a picture of her that afternoon with “Pinky Bear”, which we’ll use to document her growth. We did the same thing with Maggie. Let’s Compare.

Here’s Lilly…

And for comparison, here’s Maggie’s 3-week picture with Pinky Bear…

This little sleeper that Maggie was wearing was my favorite!! I was so looking forward to Lilly wearing it, but she was too big!

Here’s Lilly with some burp cloths I made a few weeks before she was born. Thankfully, we haven’t had to use them too much yet.

It’s Sunday evening now, and Jeff and I are about to embark on a new habit. We’ve just put Maggie to bed, and we’re going to spend some time together in prayer and reading Scripture together. Then – it’s bedtime! Someone else is already ready for bed!