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Veggie Tales

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Yesterday was Shannon’s 33rd birthday. We decided to celebrate by torturing our eldest daughter late into the night. Wish you could’ve been there!

Having already done a larger birthday celebration with family and some friends, we decided to have a quiet family dinner at Jason’s Deli, a local restaurant, courtesy of our good friends Lance & Kim (thanks for the gift card!)

As we sometimes do, we forgot to bring some food for Maggie. (Shannon always brings Lilly’s meal with her) I asked the manager if we could get a few things off the salad bar to feed Maggie, and he was happy to oblige. Shannon made several tasty selections, and we were all set for a lovely dining experience. (By the way, here is a random shot of both girls during happier times)

Well, we didn’t watch Maggie as closely as we should have, and before we could stop her, she tried to see if she could chew a bite of cauliflower with her right nostril. (Just in case you’re wondering, she can’t. And neither can you, so don’t try this at home.) Now I don’t know if you’ve ever had anything wedged in your nose before, but the most effective way to dislodge it is not to jam your finger in there, pushing it further in until it can barely be seen. Try telling that to a fifteen-month old, and you’ll get a sense of how our dinner was going.

Not a huge deal, we thought. This particular Jason’s Deli is in a mall that also houses one of Shannon’s favorite stores, Target. We walked over, bought a nasal aspirator and some q-tips, and I took Maggie to the restroom to retrieve aforementioned veggie. (The kitchen called and said Lilly’s meal was ready, so she and her Momma went off on their own)

After a few minutes working with the nose sucker, two things were rather obvious to me. One, the cauliflower solution would be neither quick nor easy, and Two, I’d better get Maggie and leave before some concerned shopper called the cops on the mean man who would make a baby scream like that.

And so we went home. One the way, we called a good friend who is a medical professional; after determining that Maggie was breathing well and comfortable, they suggested loading her up on Benadryl to help her sleep, and then trying again once she was at rest. This seemed like a good strategy to us, so we gave it a try.

Just so you know, Maggie now hates nasal aspirators. After both of us trying for an hour, we gave up, thinking the best solution was to love on Maggie, pray (again) for God to dislodge the cauliflower, and let her sleep. Thankfully, none of our neighbors called the cops on the mean couple who made the baby scream like that, so we all got some rest and got ready for….

The doctor’s appointment this morning. At nine o’clock we walked in and asked to be seen. While we were waiting to be seen, Maggie went and played with other children in the lobby. After a few minutes, she came over to Daddy holding out her hand (she does this when she finds something. It’s a great habit that we’re quite thankful for). I thanked her for bringing it to me and held out my hand. She then gave me…. a 1/4- by 1/8-inch piece of cauliflower. (shown next to a dime for comparison) How about that? We have no idea how it got free, other than an answer to our prayers. Thank You God, for Your tender love and personal interest in even the most trivial parts of life, like veggie wedgies in a toddler’s boogie chute!

So now Maggie is mostly cauliflower-free, although we have a follow-up appointment with another doctor this afternoon as a precaution. I’m not sure what would happen to tiny bits of raw veggie if left in one’s nasal airways over an extended period of time, but I’d rather not use Maggie to find out. It’s like I always say, better safe than sorry. (o.k., I don’t always say that, but I’m not opposed to using that phrase when the situation calls for it.)

Our First Week with Lilly

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I laughed my way through the last update that Jeff posted and then asked him why he ever stopped blogging. His writing style is so entertaining. He promised to start blogging again, so keep a watch out for his posts.

We thought you might enjoy some more pictures of Lilly’s first week. I can’t believe it’s already been that long. As you can see from the picture above, she’s changed quite a bit, even in 7 days.

I think in these first few hospital pictures, she looks a lot like my sister, Sarah. At first I didn’t think she looked anything like her big sister, Maggie, but now I can see a little resemblance.

I love this sweet little outfit her aunts bought for her. She’s already in 0-3 month clothing, where Maggie had to where Newborn size for quite a while. This little chunky monkey can’t wear the Newborn size attire.

Here she is sleeping peacefully next to Daddy’s pillow.

While Lilly certainly is receiving lots of attention, she’s not the only little Hazleton girl in the house who’s received some special treatment this week. Last night, Maggie received her first haircut. Here’s her before picture. Notice the scraggly hair hanging down in her eyes.

And here she is after I got the scissors after those bangs. She sat very still while I gave her a trim. What a good girl!! She is a great big sister – always giving Lilly kisses, patting her on the head, and giving her a binky.

I received some special treatment last night too – my mom baked me a birthday cake (a few days early.) I’ve had a chocolate cake with rainbow chip icing for my birthday for the past 13 years – can you believe that?! So I was super excited to dig in to this special treat last night. My mom has been super, staying with us and helping us out all week. She leaves this evening, and I think I just might cry! (haha.) Please pray for me as I transition into doing this without her help.

Wow, how blessed are we?!
the Hazletons

a floating brain is a happy brain

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O.K., first of all, here’s a picture at least three of you have been waiting for –>

Lilly’s arrival was quite a bit easier than her big sister’s; from the time Cabella (our Nurse Anesthetist) came and got Shannon to the time Lilly was born was slightly less than 45 minutes. When the doctors opened the womb for the C-section, there was a slight pop and a large baby. Note Lilly’s size relative to her momma in this picture. The child is just over two days old!

You may also notice the aforementioned mosquito bite(s) on Maggie’s face. Thank goodness for Benadryl Itch Relief Stick! Maggie hardly seems to notice the bites anymore, but that’s no surprise, b/c she’s one tough little girl. The medicine may help explain her, ahem, enthusiasm for this family portrait. As far as Lilly goes, she wasn’t too interested in the camera, choosing instead to focus on her impersonation of a sleepy old man.

Today (Tuesday) was a bit of an adventure. Shannon woke up again with a headache, but not just any headache. She had a spinal headache (actually, she had it for just over two days), which is a side effect of her brain washing aground in her skull due to a lack of spinal fluid. This is a side effect of the spinal block procedure that Cabella did on her during the C-section.

Normally doctors tell their patients who are having spinal headaches to just lay down for a few days and drink plenty of caffeine. (This somehow helps, but I’m not sure why) However, since Shannon didn’t really have the luxury of laying around for a few days waiting for her spinal cord to close up, repressurize, and get her brain floating again, her anesthesiologist called her back in to the hospital and did a little thing we like to call a blood patch to get her fixed up in a hurry.

Five minutes after Dr. Raja said “Let’s begin” Shannon had a little less blood in her right arm, a higher volume and pressure in her spinal cord, and no headache. We stayed up at the hospital for another hour or so so they could observe her, and then we made it back home in time for lunch and naps.

Now let me tell you, naps are pretty important when you have a 15-month-old and a four-day-old and your brain hasn’t been floating like it should.

Now everything is as right as rain, with the possible exception of our vehicle not having a working A/C system. Oh well, life’s imperfect – but it’s always a great adventure. (And thank goodness we have friends who are great mechanics!)


….and then there were four.

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It’s been pretty exciting around here for the last few days! I don’t have a lot of time to update you right now, so I’ll get right to it:
Lilly Cate Danielle Hazleton was born at 7:54am on Friday, September 14. When she weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds, 1 ounce and measured 21.5 inches, everyone wondered how that big ole baby girl came out of that we little momma. The answer? Quite easily. (it was the staying in her that was the trick)
Everyone seems to be doing well – except for poor Maggie, who is turning into quite the mosquito magnet. They seem to especially love her face. Please pray that she will be comforted and healed quickly from these nasty bites. Also, please pray for Shannon’s continued healing from the c-section, and for a smooth and easy transition as we come back home (probably Sunday evening).

O.K., more posts with pictures will follow, but for now, here’s a link to some pics (courtesy of my sister Jana).

Thanks for checking up on us. We’ll see you soon.

A Little Prayer and Tylenol

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Makes a world of difference! With only 4 days left –

Yes, only 4 more days until Lilly Arrives!!

– I have been moving more and more slowly every day. I wake up several times a night to go to the bathroom, or move to my other side, because I’m so uncomfortable. My lower back hurts all the time, and Baby Lilly has grown so heavy that just getting up off the couch and walking across the room is a chore.

This morning, I prayed earnestly for God to relieve the pain in my back, and I followed up that prayer with some Tylenol (the only thing I can take), and I feel like a new woman!

My friend Katie came over with her camera and took a ton of maternity pics for us. We had such a good time. I want to work on some of them in Photoshop, but I’ll let you see a few raw ones here.

As you can imagine, we’ve been getting things ready for Lilly to come, and preparing the girls’ bedroom is part of the process. Since they both will share one room, we’ve had to make some room in the closets (thankfully, there’s two) and the dresser. I also finished these plaques last night, so both girls will have their names displayed in their bedroom.

While we’re making the room a welcoming place for Lil’ Lilly, we’ve also been making it a better room for a big girl as well. We got this toy chest at IKEA, and we’re going to use it to put books inside, and I’m going to cover the top with a padded fabric, to make a little seat for Maggie to sit and look at books. This will be their little reading nook!