Monthly Archives: August 2007

18 Days to Go!

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So, here we are, 18 days away from delivery. I had Jeff take this picture last night so you can all see how big my belly’s getting. I’ve gotten to the point of being pretty miserable trying to sleep at night, and getting up and down from the floor is quite a chore. But we’re hanging in there for a few more weeks! My friend is coming over Thursday to take some “official” maternity pics, so we’ll post more this weekend.

Maggie is getting so big and mature. She really amazes us on a daily basis with the things that’s she’s learning. She’s running around, mimicking us, learning new words… She loves bath time, can’t wait to go “bye bye” every day. As you can see, her hair is growing and we have to pull it up into a pony-tail all the time to keep it out of her eyes.

Here she is after her bath. Part of her nightly ritual with Daddy! Jeff wraps her up in a towel, and swings her around the room, down the hallway, and into her bedroom. She loves it – it’s like her roller-coaster ride every night.

We’re keeping busy and getting ready for Lilly. Lots to do in the next 17 days!!
Love from the Hazletons!